Vacuum pore cleaner for face TMISHION

Very useful and necessary in every makeup bag thing for every girl suffering from a large number of blackheads, acne and pimples.

This vacuum cleaner refines pores quite well, however first you need a good face to steam (so the effect will be more noticeable and more substantial). Also this cleaner removes oily Shine of the face, pulling from the folds of the accumulated impurities.

I bought it on Aliexpress here on this page.

Many important is the fact that due to the variety of attachments for TMISHION, which are supplied with the goods, to remove black dots from all the corners and folds on the face, especially in the folds between the nose and cheek and a large crease on his forehead.

This vacuum device TMISHION is perfect for men. Also included are some replacement foam filters after cleaning the appliance can be changed to the new.

The product is easy to use, does not require any skills. Powered by 2 batteries with a capacity of 1.5 watts. Included, applied to the face, slowly ran, removed, and the face becomes noticeably cleaner.

Runs almost silently, but felt a strong vibration. It is not necessary to attach a vacuum cleaner then TMISHION for a long time to one area of the skin of the face, because after that there to be redness, however after about five minutes everything goes and the redness remains no trace.

Overall, buying a vacuum cleaner then satisfied, even though the packaging was a bit crushed and damaged, but the product this account is not caught, all is whole and intact. Ordered for only $ 10, we are of 25 and above are. In Belarus (Minsk) got an order 3 weeks regular mail. Free shipping. Recommend.

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Again, a direct link to it on Aliexpress. The seller is full of positive feedback and thousands of sales! I can also recommend the face cream MeiYanQiong and hydrogel eye patches BAIMISS.