Vacuum packer — vacuum vessel Tinton Life

With the purchase of the freezer was the issue — how to freeze foods while preserving their quality and flavour intact?

There have been attempts to freeze in regular bags, but after a month or two inside there was a frost, felt extraneous odor, especially noticeable in fruit and vegetables.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Modes of operation and use
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

After surfing the Internet it was decided to buy degasser for products. In regular stores the prices for this appliance are quite high and starts from 2 000 rubles, besides also had to purchase special bags. And since it is not often, give a few thousand seemed to me inappropriate. The solution was found — Aliexpress.

For myself, I chose an inexpensive vacuum sealer kit with bags in different sizes Tinton Life. Brand for several years makes this unit which enjoys the customers high demand, and reviews only the positive. Here is a direct link to it on Aliexpress.

A set of vacuum degasser and 6 packaging rolls with a length of 5 metres cost me 1958,07 ruble + free shipping from the warehouse in Russia.

The seller promptly on the same day sent my order, literally after a couple of hours after purchase. Sending was a «Post» that worked fast and within 6 days the parcel was received.


Degasser Tinton Life for products made of plastic, but all parts are fixed firmly, do not loose, no rattles. The size of the compact 34 *5,5 *5 cm, so it takes up little space.

Pleased and sufficiently long cord — 130 cm, you can reach any outlet with no problems. In addition, the cord is silicone reusable clamp that can hold the rolled wire and it will not be futile. Located within the heating element, enclosed with a protective material, rubber seals, and light bulb and on the sides there are two plastic retainer.

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Included is instruction in three languages — Russian, English and Spanish, and the lid of the vacuum vessel is doubled with the rules of use in the form of drawings with explanations in English. Use of the apparatus is extremely simple, it quickly mastered an older man or even a child.

Modes of operation and use

There are two modes of operation vacuum degasser Tinton Life products — sealing and evacuation. In the first case, you can solder all kinds of products from polyethylene, the second need special packages — they are more dense. In my case the kit came five rolls of a width of 12 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 28 cm, with the ability to cut any length, and a pack of 15 pre-made packs of 25*20 cm

To solder bag vacuum packer Tinton Life, turn vacuum sealer online (green lamp lights up), put the bag exactly to the heater, then close the cover and secure it with the side latches. After a few seconds the lamp light turns red, it means the heating plate is ready and we need two sides to pin down the lid. After 3-5 seconds again it will turn green, notifying that the package is sealed, you can pick up.

For vacuumize products also do not require anything supernatural — turn on the camera lights up green lamp, put on the heater a special bag, fixing it so that it was still on the seals. Close the lid, shake the lamp and starts the evacuation process. At this time, the unit growls softly.

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After 30-50 seconds, red lamp illuminates, it means the air is all pumped out, starts the sealing of the package. Green lamp next to it, you can pick up sivakumaran product.

When you purchase I thought vacuum sealer Tinton Life will be for most of the year to be on the shelf, but it turned to be a pretty versatile unit:

  • packing any bags: you can solder the package of bread that had not been dried, with biscuits, not gone, tea or coffee, not exhausted, anything;
  • evacuation for freezing which does not form chunks of ice on the products, no strange smells and the same fruits retain all their taste;
  • the vacuum cooking technique sous-vide, very fashionable now a culinary trend. Often cook meat or fish. A long process, but the result exceeds all expectations;
  • spike polyethylene vacuum packer that showed up suddenly when the greenhouse is not enough film. Without hesitation, I soldered two pieces of plastic canvas and quietly closed the borage.


Use the vacuum vessel for the products of Tinton Life for two months and no complaints, solid pros. The most important thing is inexpensive, compact and hard-working! Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page.