Vacuum cleaner Bosch BGS05A221

Hi all . I want to share a great purchase . It’s time to part with the old vacuum cleaner , as it its sound could Wake the dead and half the people in the opposite house, and suction strength the old man could not boast.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The pros and cons
  3. Video

Where to buy

After a long search and comparisons of different models stumbled upon a very interesting option from the brand Bosch. A small vacuum system cyclone. The reviews were wonderful, which pushed to its purchase, and the price is not biting (4545 RUB discount) on Tmall Aliexpress here. The model is called Bosch BGS05A221.

The order was made on 22 Feb and received on 25 February , as the delivery company (DPD) does not work on weekends . After a full scan cleaner to work in 3 days can give my verdict. For the money it’s a miracle, but there are a couple downsides .

The pros and cons

  • A little volume . Lightweight 4.2 kg . Very easy to clean . A lot of power . Long power cord of 5 meters .
  • On some surfaces (not tear) . Handle connection to the boom and hose may not be fixed tight . During the first 2 inclusions can strongly smell plastic (not disgusting).

To buy recommend a decent machine from Bosch!

PS. Now the neighbors are sleeping peacefully.


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