UV lamp for turtles

For tortoises needed a UV lamp. First for our city, but the prices of these lamps with ultraviolet 10,0 starts from 2000 rubles.

There is no possibility for such expensive purchases. Rescued Aliexpress. There is a great choice. Here’s a Repti Glo I chose on the basis of prices and features. Taking on Ali here on this page.

At the time of ordering, the price was 745,11 RUB together with the shipping and delivery price 174,79 RUB, respectively 570,32 for one thing.

If you order more, the shipping savings. Order was sent quickly — within two days, and he went to Russia in Yekaterinburg for one month by regular mail of Russia (without one day) and the paths are well monitored.

Packed product was in original cardboard packing, the top was bubble pack and paper mailing envelope. In General, though, for simple, easy packing, she was safe and when connecting to the network worked.


Lamp fully corresponds to the description, it invested what is stated in the description on the website and in these photos. Odors absent. Looks efficiently.

Immediately I was pleased with my creeper and found her light. The base standard, large.

The light from this lamp turns slightly bluish and the turtle decided to hide in the house. Somehow, she didn’t like or she was scared. But, next day, crawled to the source and didn’t want to leave bright and warm place.

To use

Ultraviolet light produces slightly specific light and gives a bit of heat, warms very little, to heat, in my opinion is not suitable, it is better to take additional filament.

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After a month on glass products there were dark spots. Heard that this means the UV light burns out and there is little, begins to deteriorate. To really check whether it radiates or not, it is not possible, so I hope for the integrity of the manufacturer, and that the animal will not suffer from lack of essential vitamin D.

Can’t say that the behavior of my turtles anything has changed. She became more active, appetite not increased. But the fact that she always spends the afternoon under the source says that she, no doubt like our purchase) now Leaves his place only for the night.

Once again, I bought this UV lamp on Aliexpress here.