USB led light garland

Ordered for New year garlands to create a festive mood. Eyes ran, but the choice decided to stop at two most, in my opinion, interesting.

The first waterproof led fairy lights 10 meters long. Ordered it here for$5.

The seller on Aliexpress here on this page you can make a reservation for 10, 20, 30 and 50 meters. It is also possible to choose the color of the lights: Blue, green, red, warm white, cool white, pink, purple, or multicolored. The pictures shown with multi-colored lights.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Color and management
  3. Tale


About water resistant I want to say separately, as the holiday season garland was mercilessly flooded several times, but no-fault did not occur, the product was of sufficient quality.

Garland has several modes, which are switched by a button, not heated as its Soviet counterparts. The most pleasant bonus — low energy consumption.

At ten meters garland is a hundred LEDs, they are a fairly short distance from each other, looks very expensive and beautiful.

Best seen, of course, in the dark, but even in dim daylight has different colors.

The parcel arrived two weeks later, was tightly Packed in bubble wrap and was inside the box. Leads do not become trapped and twisted. As a bonus, the seller added a set of labels.

The parcel was tracked from the moment it is sent and no complaints about the seller have arisen. Have only pleasant sensations.

The next choice fell on the garland with more unusual Christmas lights in the shape of snowflakes.

You can order it on Aliexpress here. The price was$ 15. Garland also has a length of 10 meters, there’s no choice more long, but it is not required. This garland is fine enough to decorate a window or a medium size tree.

Color and management

Led light bulbs have several variations in color: blue, cold white, warm white and multicolor.

The photos are multi-colored garland. It is operated by button and has several modes of operation.

The main feature of this garland in my opinion — the lack of an adapter that directly plugs into the wall socket. At its end is a USB port.

On the one hand you need to look for another adapter to make the garland, on the other hand is the ability to take it anywhere, the garland works perfectly from an external battery that will allow you to create a festive mood wherever you are.

Also this is a plus for fashionistas who, like me, don’t mind doing photos in the snow against the bright lights.


Package was delivered for the holidays very quickly, to St. Petersburg, and she gets 10 days. Garland was tightly Packed in bubble wrap, plastic bag and carton. All of the packaging to time of receipt was not damaged and the package was in perfect condition.

In General, both garlands are well established, as well as the sellers. Got a lot of fun and a fabulous new year’s mood. Still I can recommend garland «Waterfall» on the window, balcony or wall.