Universal radio 7020G format 2DIN with GPS

Chinese 2din radio with navigation 7020G different from other similar stereos cheap segment the presence of a GPS receiver and a larger screen of 800×480 pixels.

There are several similar models are cheaper for a thousand rubles, but they have no navigation! When choosing easy to confuse.

The contents

  • Where to buy
  • Size, ease of use
  • The sound quality
  • Cons
  • Video and conclusion
  • Where to buy

    Bought here on Aliexpress for $85 was for two weeks in the mail.

    Size, ease of use

    Radio is very compact. Despite 2din format, its thickness does not exceed several centimeters. The color touch screen, which is very convenient for quick switching between tunes or tuning.

    On the front panel past the screen and control keys is a USB plug and two microSD slots — one for GPS, another for music and movies. The kit includes a simple remote control, rear view camera wiring, GPS antenna, which is best mounted on the windshield, and a USB stick with the maps navigation.

    The drive for music must be purchased separately. By default, iGO navigation recorded, but on request can be supplied the more familiar Navitel or any other program under WinCE — all you can find them on specialized sites and forums.

    The sound quality

    There are outputs for 4 speakers at 50 watts and subwoofer output. The sound quality is quite average. Some music delights to expect from the radio of course not, but compared to the rest she plays not worse.

    The main advantage of the radio besides the price is that when the ignition is turned off it remembers which song was played, and when you turn begins to lose her from the same place.

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    The text and buttons on screen are large, everything is easy to read and pressed with your fingers. Reads the video files in almost any format, even FLV exotic. Movie shows without brakes. GPS works quickly, the satellites are located nearly instantly. Rear camera working perfectly, and if you already have your own camera, for example, from Conkim mini, you can connect to it.


    Rear camera

    The disadvantages of radio are also there, three of them. Starting the screen saver can not be changed, so your picture with the logo of the machine is not put out, as if did not want.

    The USB connector is only to connect USB flash drive with music or phone, but not for the USB modem. So, alas, the Internet radio will not, and GPS is working no traffic.

    The third drawback is when the browser plays music, but flipping through songs or change radio does not work, since the buttons and the screen is given to the Navigator. The volume of this normally changes.

    You can, of course, temporarily switch to music, then the Navigator will announce the turns in the background, but will not see the card.

    My already slightly battered box

    To connect Bluetoth 4.1 recommend that such universal bluetoth-module Ugreen. To listen directly to music from your phone or talking on it in traffic on the so-called «hands free».

    Video and conclusion

    The General conclusion is you can buy. Again, bought it on Aliexpress here.