Universal photo flash INSEESI IN-560IV plus for «SLR»

As often happens, I needed the flash on an SLR camera — a Nikon D5200. In my city the minimum price of universal flash starts from 5 thousand. And it is the most primitive flash, no automatic settings!

At the last moment remembered the AliExpress website. I played on it for about two hours. It was time well spent in search of merchandise but to find a good seller. Chose the universal flash INSEESI IN-560IV Flash Speedlite Plus here’s a direct link to it on Aliexpress.

It is suitable to many firms of cameras, such as Pentax, Sony, NIKON and others, because it has one switching contact, the top tight screw ring, do not be afraid that the device will fly off the machine.

Heavy weight 680 grams plus the weight of «carcass» and already in the hands of about a kilogram. The weight of the girl will be too heavy and after an hour of shooting hands get tired from DSLR, need practice. The flash has a display, all of its control buttons.

The color temperature of the model INSEESI IN-560IV plus 5600K is on manual control. There are modes M/S1/S2/Multi / shutter 1/200s — 1/20000s. The direction of the head to the right, left and forward. Missing a turn ago.

In the lamp there is a white tongue for reflection. Such a flash from four AA batteries, the kit they are not included, this is best to book separately batteries rechargeable type.

The value of 29.55 dollars I got a good quality universal flash on manual control, which came within a month. The seller added a small nice gifts: two kinds of rasseivatelja, stand and battery containers. Saving three thousand without any loss of quality.

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