Universal mixer Ammoon AM-228

Sometimes I like to play the electric guitar. Decided to search on the Internet cheap mixer. Aliexpress drew attention to the 8-channel universal DJ controller Ammoon AM-228. Googled the manufacturer, it turned out to be quite a good Chinese brand musical instruments and all sorts of lotions to them.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and controls
  3. Video

Where to buy

A discounted rate on the website was provided to 26$, but since I placed the order via the mobile app, it was 20$. Free delivery service SDEK to the door. The stated delivery time in 30 days is not broken. Took here on this page Ali.

The product arrived in a box undamaged, with instructions from the manufacturer. Included with the remote there is a power adapter with European plug. Adapter pulse, but noise does not. Can be powered from battery 9 V, not included.

Quality and controls

The device is made of metal, very compact size 15*10*6 cm, weight 705 g. Looks durable and quality, to the Assembly no complaints, a pleasure to hold in hands.

The mixer has 8 input channels and 2 output. The volume of each input channel can be adjusted individually. To control the output volume there are two knobs master volume.

Knob of high quality plastic, rotated smoothly. Microphone or line level signal is selected by the switches, in the same way selects mono or stereo.

My expectations mixer Ammoon AM-228 was acquitted. I bought another wire to connect the guitar processor and the aux device. Used for five months, yet happy, I hope to serve. Can you recommend a Studio monitor headphones, SAMSON SR850 and the wireless adapter Ugreen.

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