Universal case for sofa

Ordered universal cover for sofa brand FORCHEER on Aliexpress here, came for 2 weeks, cost 1200₽. The case fully meets my expectations, good stretch Jersey, does not Shine through that much important, because we have a red sofa and small children.

Already washed in the machine, the color is not lost. Want more from this seller to order chair covers on the second sofa.

Was satisfied with the price and quality, because when children and Pets are always thinking on how best to protect their furniture from small blemishes or from painting, wool, and then straight is removed, washed again, clean the sofa.

From the seller FORCHEER a lot of different colors and options on chairs cover, can be corner sofa, can be on the small sofa.

Also included was a tube of foam to lay in the depressions in the sofa and drawstring to tie at the bottom and do not slip case, but a tie we didn’t use a tube of rubber foam handy, but they like it a lot, and even remained in the reserve, although we all place them stuffed.

Again, take this versatile Cape on Aliexpress here at the official representative of the manufacturer.

Also, for home decoration can recommend garland WATERFALLthat will transform your balcony or window. And pillows MrsRight — just wonderful!

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