Universal baby stroller Babyhit Evenly Plus — two in one

Order the stroller Babyhit Evenly Plus 2 in 1 was made in the sales period, and at the time of purchase, may 2018, it cost 7819 rubles, which for me was very attractive and decisive at the time.

The expected addition to our family, and it has become handy. The market for such plan strollers cost at least 1.5 times more expensive, but the quality is no different from what I ordered.

The contents

  1. Where to buy with a guarantee
  2. Features
  3. The pros and cons
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy with a guarantee

The stroller I ordered on Aliexpress in section Tmall here on this page. Buying a wheelchair is available at the following link. The delivery was carried out by the service TMall . Five days later the stroller I brought to the apartment door, after calling for two hours. It has been assembled is very compact, the packaging is not damaged, glued tight with tape.


The main advantage is versatility, stroller 2-in-1. Suitable for children up to three years. Consists of carrycot, which can be used to transfer a newborn and the seat unit-ideal for children who already know how to sit.

Additionally, in the present configuration the car seat cover, bag for clothes, a raincoat, mosquito insect net and a pump.

The warranty gives the store for 6 months.

The handle has seven positions and easily helps you manage the stroller even on rough surfaces.

An additional advantage I would like to note – large inflatable wheels, which is especially important in the winter.

The pros and cons

A huge plus of the stroller is enhanced visor, which saves the baby in any weather. The four-point belt is perfect for baby comfort. All the wheels are installed the shock absorbers, which helps to rock the baby during sleep walking.

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The colors of the stroller is bright, attractive to the baby. Fabric easily removable and washable, tested in practice. Color after washing does not tarnish.

Disadvantages in use:

  • After several months of operation, the brake due to its weight will gradually drop down and interfere with the movement;
  • Wrap foot for the Seating position sewn with a large seam allowance, because of this, there is a big vent directly to the cradle;
  • Uncomfortable the principle of reversal of the cradles during the movement against driving, it is necessary to detach the carrycot from the frame of the stroller.


A stroller I’m happy, despite the minor flaws, which turned out to only be detected during operation. Economical and high quality option for young parents. No need to buy two strollers for winter and summer separately. Buying saves time on trips to the store, money for the family budget and nerves.

Once again, taking on Tmall Aliexpress here. Still I can recommend a complete kit for child care OOTDTY and baby clipper GL on the battery. Well, every young mother should have at their disposal instant infrared thermometer Xiaomi iHealth. This is straight from the category of «necessarily».