Underwear Just For Outerpass

As I have been Cycling, the question arose about how to ride in cold weather. Clothing should be comfortable, lightweight, and warm. Decided to buy thermal underwear.

Goes around all the sports stores, did not find reasonable prices. In the markets in General under the guise of thermal underwear to sell anything. As always decided to order from China. Long chose, was in doubt. And suddenly, too, a hoax? But after reading reviews bought, stopped at the store.

The contents

  1. The size and quality
  2. Opinion
  3. Video

The size and quality

The appearance of underwear Just For Outerpass liked the price too at the time of purchase of 19.5$ quite satisfied. Application temperature from -20 to +15 degrees Celsius. Composition: nylon 64%, polyester 28%, polyurethane 8% .So it was in the description.

The whole evening pacing yourself, read the reviews bought, and decided to take the size as in the table. The package the seller sent in 3 days. After 2 weeks she came to me.

Well-sealed, 2 packs. Came not damaged. The color that I ordered grey with red stripes. There are still grey with green stripes and blue with green stripes. It’s time to remeasure.

First impression — much hugs. Very unusual, but the size is not small. After 5 minutes it becomes very hot. Decided to go tomorrow in it to work.

The weather was just very cold about 10 degrees below zero. But I wasn’t cold. And I was really happy! Very warm and comfortable.

But since I work in a shop I didn’t know how till night to live. Very hot. But no sweat! So everything works correctly!

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Still recommend the lantern on the wheel Miccgin and Xiaomi smart scales to track your weight with graphs in memory and the ability to project the smartphone. By the way, do you know how to add an electric power to the bike to accelerate? View here the overview of the motor on the bike.


Pants I still wear constantly, and the top put on only as needed. Especially useful under bike form. Does not hinder movement, and very good warm. For the year looks like new. Stick to the rules of washing.

I recommend to all this seller and this kit. Choose the size of the table or consult with the seller. Again, bought here on Aliexpress.


A video unboxing of the parcel. What it is, the other is not found. Though not Russian language, but in General, look and decide.