Ultrasound air humidifier with Aliexpress in the form of a frog

Seriously about buying a humidifier began to think after the daughter started to cough, could not sleep at night and sneezing without any apparent reason. We have the air really dry, and even in the winter, I myself notice it. In General, ordered this instance in the form of a frog.

Originally looked at humidifiers at an affordable pricein the region of the 2000P, with free shipping and quiet with Aliexpress. Well, since it was primarily purchased for my daughter, her word for 3 years, then paid attention to the design.

From the date of payment and until such time as the humidifier stood on the windowsill, it’s been exactly a month (link to the item is below on this page). Can’t say that delivery is prompt, although it is possible that I was unlucky, still ordered immediately after the holidays, so that could be some kind of lining.

The item almost entirely corresponds to the description, except that the color is not as bright and juicy as the picture. But I wouldn’t call it a disadvantage. What is important is that this unit is really quiet thanks to the ultrasonic generator.

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Quietly turn it on before bed, and nothing stirs,not annoying, only occasionally hear the bubbles of water in the container.

The contents

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  • Quality
  • Video
  • How to use

    Humidifier is very easy to work with. Filled it with water, inserted the plug into the outlet, pressed the switch and enjoy as of «ears» flowing steam, you can add different oils if you wish. Daughter loved it — and tries to frame handles.

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    Very nice that provides a regulator of intensity of evaporation. When the whole family is together, you can cheat to the fullest and to do their business, or conversely, to lower the intensity by putting a humidifier near them, for example when working at the computer.


    The fog effect is achieved in a small room when set to maximum power.


    Assembly and appearance in General, no complaints. All glued together carefully, no burrs, cracks and chips. In the interior a child’s room fits perfectly.

    Now what can you say power consumption: high precision measurements of do, but feels like a regular incandescent bulb, so feel free to leave a humidifier on during the night. Among the shortcomings would like to mention is that the lack of rotary nozzles. In this instance the jet of steam is always directed upwards, which is not always convenient, you need to top anything out, or very quickly condensation. But otherwise a great thing, you really want to use it, but not put in the far corner of the mezzanine. Recommend!

    Ordered on Aliexpress here
    Delivery: 30 days (in my case)
    Price: 1870 R. at the time of purchase
    Pros: aesthetically pleasing, quiet, functional, inexpensive.
    Cons: long shipping, no rotary nozzle, the faint smell of plastic in the first days of use, which fully disappears later. The first time you can turn on the porch or balcony.

    PS Found some technical specs (just a friend arrived, electrician ): power of 25 Watts, which is approximately equal to the average energy-saving bulb. If you include sleep time (including time watching TV or reading a book before bedtime) — 10 hours per day, it is 0.25 kW/hour per day or 7.5 Kilowatt/hours per month! You can calculate cost per month, obtained some 30 rubles a month, I think health is worth it!).

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    By the way, one I still counseled that the nozzle cannot rotate in the side, couples should only go up.


    Managed to find a video in English that is not particularly important since all necessary information is in the review above and in the video you can just look at the product: