Ultrasonic skraber for cleaning the skin

Ultrasonic skraber Wonder Cleaner is a great tool for home care! I bought it on Aliexpress here for 1 217,74 RUB, delivery was about a month until Primorsky Krai.

The contents

  1. Application
  2. Modes and work
  3. Opinion and the quality of cleaning


Ultrasonic skraber designed for deep cleansing ultrasonic facial or ultrasonic peeling, on the basis of sound waves, which painlessly affect the skin opening the pores and thus releasing them from all impurities and gently sloughing surface layer of the skin, promotes skin renewal.

Modes and work

This skraber has three modes:

  • Cleaning mode the cleaning person;
  • Abcorb — the impact of the positive field;
  • Repair — the impact of negative margins.

The 2nd and 3rd modes are designed to micro-massage, lifting or impact «+» and «-» fields.

Switching of schrebera and switching between modes is done using one button.

Recharged by USB cable included, battery lasts about three hours. The device is a design classic, it is white with silver side panels. He has a comfortable shape and size.

Opinion and the quality of cleaning

He ultrasound machine is not too powerful, so it’s better suited for home use than for professional.

Power scraper allows you to perform self-Facials at home, if prior to steam the skin and apply it the appropriate tool (I use normal gel for the ultrasound aloe Vera), which will serve as a conductor for ultrasonic waves.

As skraber not too powerful, in some places it is necessary to increase the pressure on the skin to stimulate its cleansing, I note that after these manipulations, the skin is inflamed such as after mechanical cleaning.

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After the procedure of ultrasonic skraber cleansing, skin feels clean and silky. Cleaning can be finished with a micro-massage under the influence of the first » + » then «-» of the fields after this massage, the skin will become fresh and all the redness from cleaning are within five minutes. Massage can be done daily, but the cleaning I do once a month.

Again, bought skraber on Aliexpress for about 1200 rubles here on this page. Also recommend vacuum pore cleaner for face and TMISHION collagen eye patches, Crystal Collagen Gold