Ukulele — a small guitar Xiaomi Populele U1

I really wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, but always lacked time for that. And so, on black Friday, wandering through the online shop GearBest, I came across Xiaomi Populele.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Equipment
  3. Pros smart Ukulele
  4. Cons Xiaomi Populele
  5. App
  6. Learning through the app?
  7. Play songs
  8. Tool only for right-handers
  9. Conclusion — replace if tool a music teacher?
  10. Video

Where to buy

And here, after reading reviews and watching videos about this product, I decided to order the tool 72$ here on this page. Delivery in Ukraine — took 1 month. Courier new email is brought home. On Aliexpress can also be bought at this link.

You imagine that you will learn to play the ukulele Xiaomi without paying for lessons, though the training video on YouTube, not decoding completely tangled chords. Imagine a ukulele that will show you where to put your fingers on the fretboard and where You will be able to play songs almost from the first attempt.


They sent me a full set Xiaomi Populele with accessories. The kit includes: two pick, charging cable (90cm), spare strings, a carrying bag, and of course — myself ukulele. The tool is made of rosewood and has a high quality appearance.

Pros smart Ukulele

Populele Xiaomi U1 looks like a normal ukulele, but, in fact, very different. It features a neck, which is made of plastic of good quality. Located on the fingerboard 72 LEDs that are illuminated for the direction of the fingers.

The same side You will find button on/off switch and port for charging the device. All the“brains” of the device located inside the ukulele. The tool is equipped with a battery of 800 mAh. For me personally, a single charge of the device lasts for 2 weeks (study every night for 15 minutes a day). Charging 2 hours from the laptop.

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Before you start playing, make sure that the tool is charged. While charging via the micro-USB port is on the fretboard lights up to four LEDs which indicate charging status: single led — 25% charge, two LEDs 50% charge, 3 — 75% and 4 LEDs means that Populele fully charged.

You can also use Populele during charging.

Cons Xiaomi Populele

As we all know, almost every device has its disadvantages. Please note that this is my personal opinion, and maybe these items will not be for You the disadvantages of this device.

For all gameplay on Xiaomi ukulele U1 monitors the smartphone, namely its microphone. That is, the microphone of the smartphone acts as a sound analyzer. Sometimes, when you lose the chord — you hear it wrong you lost, but the application still counts it.

On the tablet app install, says incompatible with device.


Populele easily connects to any smartphone through the app “Populele” for Android or iOS, then you receive simple setup process and registration.

We advise You to register do not accidentally lost all of your lessons, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again.

In the application built-in tuner for tuning the strings. We recommend that you configure a ukulele before each use.

Learning through the app?

The first lessons begin slowly. You’ll learn three chords that you can practice any amount of time. Then you play the chords in rhythm and get points for doing it right. The application determines whether you play.

After a certain number of points you can proceed to the next exercise. You can also skip the first lesson if progress is too slow.

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However, I believe that the app is useful for ukulele Xiaomi. If you spend time on these lessons, you will notice at least a small progress. The lessons are getting harder and harder. I have happened is that I got stuck on one level for weeks.

Play songs

In addition to the function «Game» in which you perform these various exercises, there are also entire songs that you can play on your instrument. Here are the many famous (Western, not Chinese) pop songs. Whether it’s Adele and ed Sheeran, or such classics as «the Beatles» and Michael Jackson — the choice is great.

Songs are categorized by difficulty: Easy, medium and difficult. But even the simplest is clearly not for beginners, because you need to find the right rhythm and at the same time be able to fast enough to change chords . But if you succeed, you can extract the beautiful melodies from the instrument.

Tool only for right-handers

First of all, if you are left handed, you will be hard with Xiaomi Populele U1. It was designed for right-handers who play right hand and hold the neck with your left hand. And it’s not as easy as to turn the ordinary ukulele to play chords with the right hand.

However, you will have to adapt to the inverted scheme of the game, making the whole process of learning quite complex. The fretboard will light up only for the right configuration.

Conclusion — replace if tool a music teacher?

Xiaomi Populele definitely occupies a special position among the «gadgets». This tool doesn’t sound any worse than any other ukulele I’ve ever heard before. They are made qualitatively.

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I, as a beginner, I liked the application that should teach me to play. The app is clearly organized and the structure of the exercises is clear. I’m still far from being able to play entire songs, but my chords are getting better and better.

Video and tips in the app, definitely helped me. Learning app is a fun and much better than for the beginner who wants to learn to play myself.

Could I learn without it?

May well only with the teacher. If you know someone who wants to play the ukulele, it’s probably a perfect gift!

Again, Xiaomi bought a ukulele here. Aliexpress sell on this link.

We also recommend to pay attention to the WORLDE Tuna mini MIDI keyboard.