Types of brushes for applying makeup with Aliexpress

Every girl dreams of a beautiful dressing table, colorful jars of cosmetics and brushes. So here I am today writing a review mainly for girls. Although the goods I ordered very well suited as a gift for a girl, so the guys opinion too.

And I say beautiful, even very, the makeup brushes from Aliexpress.

I am a person who loves not only the quality of the brushes, and the beauty of the design. After all, they are on the dressing table are open, on a stand or in a special glass. And beautiful brush definitely drawn the eye of people who will visit your room. I checked it myself.

Where to buy

And these brushes are just one of them. So, I ordered a set of brushes Ali with a large number. I found the seller from whom you can order separately. I ordered 5 pieces, each cost me around 100 rubles, here is a link to the product itself.

For myself, I chose 3 varieties of facial makeup and 2 eye makeup. The parcel reached me within 2 months, for me it’s not much and not enough. After all, small parcels usually go much more than 2 months.

Came to me of the brush in the usual postal package. Inside they all lay in a common package, and already in this package, each brush was in a separate little bag. It is very good. Thus, neither the pile nor the arm are in no way damaged.

The quality and types of


Now let’s talk about each brush separately, because the quality of each of them is slightly different.

  1. The face brush. Well Packed, very soft and pleasant to face. Made in the form of a squirrel tail, but not such fluffy as other similar brushes. The pile of this brush is long enough.
    I tried to use it for applying powder. For such purposes it is quite good, but the opening for me was how it deals sculptor. Not only well and of course gets the product, but it is very well shaded. Good brush.
  2. And again, face brush, «zakos» under the brush «Kabuki». She has quite a big pile, Packed full as well. I would not say that it is as soft as the previous one, but also pleasant to face. The brush is beveled and no extra hair on it is not sticking. May be suitable for applying Foundation and for the sculptor. For the second purpose, is more appropriate. Use it less often.
  3. The third brush for the face. It’s almost a complete copy of the characteristics of the previous one. The only difference, it is worth it shorter. Packed perfectly, and that’s it, this is perfect for applying Foundation. Great brush and very easy to work with.
  4. For the eyes. Great, I love the brush in the eye makeup. Performing brush good, Packed well. Soft, does not prick the eyes when working. This fluffy brush is needed for blush. Great for working out the creases.
  5. Brush for the eyes. My love. As for quality — all excellent. The brush itself is a «blade» wide in the back and narrow on the side. It’s universal. Suitable for applying eye shadow all over the eyelid, and for a clearer elaboration of the crease. Can she apply concealer under the eye.
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So, if you want budget, beautiful, high quality brushes, I recommend you to use AliExpress and enjoy these cool brushes. Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I can advise to use a cashback EPNto save in General on all Internet purchases, not just for Ali.