TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4S to 55 inch

Among the variety of Japanese and European manufacturers of TV-sets, choose something which satisfies the relation quality-price seemed impossible and my choice fell on the Chinese giant Xiaomi.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and usability of TV
  3. About Android
  4. About DVB-T2
  5. Remote control
  6. Conclusion
  7. Video

Where to buy

After a brief search on forums and reviews I found on AliExpress TV Xiaomi Mi TV 55 inch 4S. Immediately impressed with the number of built-in drawer features — and then 4K and HDR and 3D, and the operating system running Android, and most importantly — the price.

From the seller, which delivers TV from China, and warehouse in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk, the cost of this model amounted to 37 thousand roubles. At that time, as the same parameters of the model of world famous brands will cost 10-15 thousand more.

As a result, its delivery to my apartment in Shchelkovo, near Moscow took only 5 days. Here is a direct link to the item and seller on Aliexpress.

The quality and usability of TV

As for the Xiaomi TV, the first thing I noticed, so its truly gigantic size. In my small bedroom of 14 square meters of «TV» of Xiaomi looks like the second window.

About Android

At first start-up Xiaomi have to wait long for loading the operating system and code, it’s finally happened, then I tried «launcher» something that vaguely resembles the home screen of the phone on the Android platform.

Everything is intuitive and no knowledge of Chinese or English languages. Although, to Russify «OSes» had to sweat a little in the system settings.

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All the apps I needed for comfortable viewing of TV programs and movies are in the list of apps that can be installed, including Youtube, ivi, MEGOGO, Netflix, etc.

About DVB-T2

But there is a small fly in the ointment of these TV Xiaomi Mi TV. The fact that China is not broadcasting according to the European standard terrestrial digital television DVB-T2, this means that to watch digital TV on your collective antenna will not work and you have to choose one of two ways of watching TV:

  • To purchase digital terrestrial receiver DVB-T2, which is now a great variety at best prices and with the HDMI cable to connect it to the TV;
  • To watch terrestrial and digital channels by means of applications downloaded in the app store TV, by connecting to your home network via wi-fi or cable directly to the TV.

The last method I chose and downloaded the app «Matreshka» in which over 250 digital and channels, including regular essential.

Video 4K Xiaomi Mi TV read without problems and delays. My hard drive is 1 TB, which recorded a bunch of movies, including UltraHD, also reads.

Remote control

Need to tell you about the remote control. It’s not the most comfortable remote I’ve seen. It has only 6 buttons and a navigation joystick. As aeromike it doesn’t work, and in some applications, such as games need it. I had to connect my computer Bluetooth mouse to one of the USB ports, of which the TV several.


In summary, I would say that TV Xiaomi Mi TV fully met my expectations in terms of quality of picture and sound, as well as convenience of operating system.

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Once again, I bought this TV Xiaomi on Aliexpress here. For the money a very good replacement of branded models. In the queue buying the same model in the 32 inch for the kitchen.