TV Box Vorke Z6 Plus — smart box to the TV

I bought TV box Vorke Z6 Plus on Aliexpress for gaming, watching movies and clips from YouTube on TV. Liked its appearance and internal characteristics, which we will discuss below.

The contents

  1. Where to buy and price
  2. Equipment
  3. Appearance and characteristics
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy and price

Took the official page of Ali company Vorke here, I always just buy on of.sites so that there is no problem, plus the local warranty is always included.

At the time of purchase the price was around $ 65. I wanted the kit to add extra charge game joystick or a wireless keyboard, but I refused because taking TV Box to replace your obsolete X96 mini, which just stopped to pull many modern games even on low quality.


The package came in three and a half weeks, which is standard for free shipping. Included were a standard remote, the TV itself, the box, manual, power supply and all.

Attention! HDMI cable was not included, so you better take care of it in advance, well, he’s now worth a penny and you can take in the nearest store. The batteries in the remote control was not there, but here is even simpler: two «mizinchikov» (AAA).

Appearance and characteristics

Z6 Plus from Force was even smaller than I expected. Ordinary square black plastic case. No, not normal…

It is designed for installation on a shelf or on the television itself, not for concealed mounting on back of TV. If you want to mount it hidden in the back, you will need another mount and extension cable for the infrared receiver of the remote control.

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Or, alternatively, can be directly included to take aeromist-keyboard and joystick — 3 in 1.

I even like it that you can put on a shelf and it shows on its built-in display different information:

  • In the off mode, the clock is on or off, depending on settings;
  • In the enabled mode can show the track number, playback time or up to the end of the movie/music/video on YouTube. Very convenient — no need to open the remote control during playback. Reminiscent as they used to be in VCRs and DVD players. You can also set the periodic change of the information, an alarm clock and even… the CPU temperature. Gamers to check out!

With features thanks!:

  • Processor OCTA-core Amlogic game S912;
  • Memory two options: 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal operational or 4GB DDR4(!) and 64 GB respectively.
  • The most important thing on Board is already preinstalled with the latest Android OS 8.1 like capacity;
  • Support FullHD+ Ultra Video. Wow, fantastic resolution!))
  • Two USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0, Bluetoth 4.1, Wi-Fi, micro SD and network connector.


Use only a few days. So far I like it, the game pulls great, not much heated (have they finally learned how to do the normal cooling or is the merit of the technology Amlogic S912 ?

For built-in display thanks. And I’ve lived? It is difficult to understand, unless you try…

Bought as spoke on Aliexpress, right here on the official website of the manufacturer of Vorke. I believe that the ratio quality/price better option now, no. Worried about heat on the shelf since last Apple TV X96 was heated strongly even at low loading, here, all is well.

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