Tunnels in the ears — cheap plug

Tunnels in the ears — one of the most common bodymodification today. Not to say that I have a preference for informal images, but tunnels is my love at first sight.

Started to pull on them from the age of fifteen. First, the size was quite small — about 10mm, but then, as they say in the famous idiom: «Ostap incurred».

A long and painful efforts I have made fifteen millimeters, but it was not enough for me!

Thus, I came to twenty mm., but got an urgent and pressing question — where to get a beautiful and cheap plug for ears that naturally would have diluted my image, and was budget in price?

And then I discovered the world of Aliexpress and store it ear tunnels Kubooz — here’s a direct link to it! I want to note a very important point: all the tunnels Ali vary in price from 50 to 500 rubles, and the usual rock attribute, unfortunately, is furious cheat!

I remember, bought it myself a plug for 600 rubles from poor quality acrylic. Aliexpress me notably pleased: the price was two times less, and the variety was dizzy.

In the end, these little tunnels 20 mm steel mine. Beautiful, shimmering stones and quality material — it could not fail to please. In the photo we can see directly into my ears.

Price per 20 mm made up only 263 rubles. Amazing! By the way, my friend saw a charm for me ordered also similar, but only in white 18 millimeters.

Now I always order the plug and tunnels in the ears on Aliexpress: quality, design and price I am fully satisfied. Can still advise Bamoer silver charm bracelets and Pandora with charms for him.

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