Tuner for guitar, Joyo

Child decided to try a new hobby — playing guitar. With lessons always came with calluses on his hands. Of course, when learning would be impossible without it, but then came the moment, when it was necessary to consider what to do next, for herself.

The son said he needed the tuners. He looked in all the stores, but never found suitable at the right price. Then we began the search for yourself.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality and convenience
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

Where to buy

Found on Aliexpress pretty quickly brand Joyo here on this page, the only problem was that we doubted the quality of the product, but since tuners only cost 100-150 rubles, we did not bother.

Included were a few tuners seem to be about 15. It was very convenient, as in the case of which the son could always replace it with a new one. When choosing, you need to look at the photos as another way of density is almost impossible to learn. From the seller, which we have chosen for description of the density of tuner was not present.

We determined all in the eyes. It was not very convenient, but the seller was verified. Delivery we have chosen the most common. Delivered to the city of Smolensk by Russian post. About shipping was to take about 30 days, but in the end we waited more than a month. But since no tuners are not delivered to the son of discomfort, no one was nervous about delivery.

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Quality and convenience

Tuners Joyo was a convenient medium in density, so that the child now plays every day at your pleasure.

Tuners of different colors, it’s very cool, because they are interesting, attract attention and, in principle, aesthetically pleasing look.

To play also convenient, they are not badly bent, but easy to manage.

The first tuner broke after 3 weeks with daily play, but will soon have to order again, because the big problem is that the son is almost all lost, or gave away to friends.

Recently custom-made Joyo and for our daughter, who has long played the guitar, but the tuner never worked, thought it not convenient. She chose a beautiful pink tuners. They were very comfortable to play, as it was more dense and opaque. It is also not inferior in its beauty. Playing with him was much easier.


Both children are satisfied with the purchase. We are also confused by the fact the long delivery, but given that we chose the easy way ordering, not the Express mail, it can be forgiven. Overall happy with the purchase, with the customer are not copied. The price was also affordable and was correlated with the quality of the product.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here.