TS4060 laser machine for cutting and engraving

I ordered a laser cutting machine on Aliexpress Laser Engraver Machine TS4060.

One day my husband tired of working in the office, and we began to think, what could we do? I wanted to be useful to society, to produce something, and not just to resell.

Because I have skills in graphic editors, and the husband good with his hands, decided to do laser cutting. After analysing the market, competitors, suppliers, etc., the question arose about the most important thing about buying equipment.

We began to browse the websites of companies that offer to buy machine tools for laser cutting in Russia. But the prices scared us and we almost abandoned the idea.

But I remembered about Aliexpress and was pleasantly surprised by the selection and prices.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and grade
  3. In the work
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy

Quickly stopped the machine for engraving Laser Engraver Machine TS4060. Ordered a machine on Ali here.

The cost of the machine amounted to 75 000 rubles the Russian company put a price 2-3 times higher. The price already includes shipping. As the seller undertakes customs clearance services.

Delivery took about 1.5 months, the firm, FIRST. The parcel was pick up from the point of delivery yourself, or pay shipping to your door. We have taken ourselves, the weight of the equipment with packaging 110 kg. It’s all whole, in a wooden box. Without damage.

The quality and grade

The machine works on 220 V. has a working area 60*40 cm This allows you to make quite a large product. Power tube 80 watts. Therefore, it is possible to cut plywood with a thickness up to 10 mm. In set of air pump (compressor) 45 W, we eventually bought a more powerful, but for the first time it fits. Also in the kit water pump for the cooling system.

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As a gift put motoroller for the engraving of the round articles such as bottles. Included is a CD with software and samples the design of products that can be manufactured on the machine.

In the work

When you first turn on the laser machine for engraving TS4060 needed adjustment. It was not difficult, because on the Internet a lot of tips and tutorials.

The display shows the selected laser power, the program exhibited a rate cut. Working table height is adjustable manually. The machine is simple and convenient in operation, almost immediately able to produce the first products and began to work with clients.

Cuts through plywood, leather, plexiglass, plastic.


Laser cutting machine and engraving Machine Laser Engraver TS4060 was the very best purchase on Aliexpress. With relatively small investment, we got a real working tool for a business that quickly pays for itself.

Machine actively maintained for more than a year and with timely maintenance consumables (cleaning the lens, cleaning the cooling system) functions properly.

By the way, if after purchase to write a review seller lists 10$ or a spare mirror. We took the mirror, because we understand the importance of timely replacement of consumables. Leave a link to the seller.