Tripod Yunteng 5208 — tripod puttom for photo and video shooting

First I will tell you what inspired me to purchase. Needed was small size portable lightweight tripod that is stable enough to withstand my phone.

Planned purchase to relieve a music video blog on YouTube. In General, the situation is standard, to try to realize their creative ideas with the least cost.

Chose the item on the criterion of altitude, and relative availability (worth 22$) at the same time did not want to take the thing that immediately fall apart (like a small desktop tripod with flexible legs, which on the first day of use cracked the mount for the phone, so to take it I do not recommend; besides, it is extremely unstable).

Bought on Aliexpress here here. Ordering was sailing (or driving, flying) to Moscow standard – a little more than three weeks waiting in anticipation dragged on for a very long time feel.

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Packaging equipment

And finally the long awaited notification is received. The run in the mail, pick up your package, bring it home, try to open a. It turns out immediately, since the seller did a good job and very cool sealed package nothing was damaged during transport.

Inside, the tripod separately – removable mount for phone (screwed to the tripod head), short charge cable for Bluetooth camera remote control, and the remote. The whole set is placed in a fabric cover – without any frills made, but not a piece of cheap cloth, very worthy looks.


The tripod is also solidly made. The main material is aluminium, lined with plastic. Not the cheap plastic, pleasant to the touch.

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The height is up to 125 cm (to nominate another and the Central support 150), tripods have 3 levels (if necessary, you can put on the table – the height will be optimal).

Mount for phone reliable, holds a confident hint of failure does not transmit. Camera (camera) the tripod, despite the low weight, also keeps very confidently. SLR yet, but most likely it will require something more stable (especially if the massive lenses, the lens type , Tamron).

The remote y makes a photo, press the +- on my Samsung Galaxy S7 not adjust the zoom of the phone, probably depends on the model. On the product page indicated that Apple this remote also recognizes. Connects to phone quickly.


In General, the purchase I pleased, I’ve been waiting for. Characteristic disadvantages have not noticed, the mount is spinning in all directions and at any angle, very pleased with the carrying case.

The price of the tripod is low, in stores such tripods will cost more. Perfectly meet the requirements. All budding videoblogger — masthev. Again, bought here: