Trimmer Kemei 11 in 1

I decided to order the trimmer, the choice fell on the trimmer Kemei certified company, with four nozzles. Purchased the trimmer for 7. 91$ on Aliexpress here on this page, the item arrived exactly 3 weeks regular mail.

The product is packaged well, the package came without damage. On the box all the inscriptions in English, the pictures on the back of the box all clear which socket is for what suitable.

Includes 4 tips, charging cable and brush. Charging cable never used for 2 months of work, the built-in battery to cope for now.

Attachments change easily enough by turning the nozzle counter-clockwise. The trimmer has a charging indicator (red light). Special power you would expect from a trimmer not worth it. two nozzles from the kit were useless. Head eyebrows and beard do not shave COMPLETELY.

Attachments for nose and hair have to cope Kemei, only they came in handy. head of hair we have is used only for alignment of the temples, of course, does not remove the hair under zero, removes only the surface layer, it is necessary to trim with a razor. Once again, taking on Ali here.

Can you recommend another KEMA electric toothbrush for the whole family and epilator. This brand can be trusted completely!

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