Trimmer electric Kolner KET 600 W

In the holiday season the biggest problem gardener — weeds. And in my case a whole meadow of grass and shade trees, where to plant, nothing happens, and leaving not — heal all.

Had, where the oblique normal work, where on his knees to crawl and tear the greens by hand. This year I decided I had enough, I want a scythe that mowed itself even in the nooks!

I looked in the network options, it turned out, a small diesel, battery and electric vehicles. Petrol is a neighbor. Smell during operation, and awfully heavy, I’m not able to do.

Rechargeable electric is a good option, but the price starts at 4500-5000 rubles, that given the rare use too much. Eventually settled on an electric — quite affordable, besides, my landing are in the house, so they can stretch out an extension cord and work.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Pros
  3. Cons
  4. Fishing line
  5. Opinion

Where to buy

The equipment went on favorite Aliexpress. Chose three points: a low price tag, light weight and good power. After half an hour found exactly what I was looking for a trimmer Kolner KET 600 here on this page Ali Tmall.

It fits 100% my needs — the price was just 1901,88 ruble, power 600 watts, weight 1.7 kg. immediately made a purchase and 6 days later received an order by mail. Included the trimmer, auxiliary handle, with bolt, casing, instruction in Russian language and a receipt.


The most convenient electric trimmer Kolner KET is not necessary to collect, he came in ready for use form, with attached reel and line. It was only necessary to wear the protective casing to fasten the second handle and you can mow.

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The length of electric Kolner KET can be adjusted thanks to the telescopic rod — longer or shorter, but the maximum you can push it to 1 M. my height is 164 cm, mow comfortably, lean is not necessary. But I got the trimmer pushed to the full, and for a person height from 175 cm it will be short. The auxiliary handle is fixed in two positions.

The trimmer is made mainly of plastic + metal tube. Collected qualitatively, nothing knocks, not loose. All items are kept firmly and thoroughly. On the main handle is a wide power button and a small button lock, and the bottom there is a hook for the cord.

The network cable from the electrical model Kolner KET is also on the handle, its length is 47 cm With the opposite side of the trimmer located motor housing, a reel with line and protective casing.

The device is simple to use — picked up, pressed a small button and pressed on the button under the handle. All the trimmer is running. Key wide, is pressed and held easily.

The unit itself Kolner KET does not shake, just vibrates slightly. Yes, it makes a noise when mowing, but the ears are not laid, it is possible to talk overwrought. Definitely need to wear safety glasses because sometimes in the face of flying lumps of grass and can get into your eyes.


The only slight negative of electrotermia Kolner KET — semi-automatic flow line. This means that in the process, it is necessary to press the button at the bottom of the coil to the fishing line slowly came out. Very uncomfortable invented, besides not always possible to push the ill-fated button properly.

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I have found a solution for every 5-7 minutes of work to stop electric trimmer Kolner KET and pull the fishing line by pressing that same button. 1 sq. m. leaves 5-10 cm of the line, only the coil 6 m. Sometimes the fishing line breaks, or bumping into a hard obstacle such as wood, stone. But mostly just quietly consived.

Fishing line

The coil itself on Kolner KET sits firmly, fixed wide clamps and to pull it out will have to make an effort.

On the one hand it is good — there is no chance that it will fall off in the process. On the other hand when extracting there is a risk to break any element, because she and mounting plastic housing. But other options of replacement fishing line is no need to act carefully.


For me Kolner KET 600 — a great helper. I use it a month and can say only positive qualities.

  1. First, it is easy to assemble — cover in a couple of seconds to put on and snaps into the grooves, the handle is easily screwed without any effort by hand.
  2. Secondly, it is lightweight and even after 20 minutes hands do not get tired, back bleeding.
  3. Thirdly, it is powerful, so pull the line thickness to 2.4 mm. At the moment I have installed factory line 1.2 mm, which is easily cut young burdock, sow Thistle and nettles. If you replace it with a more thick, the trimmer is not in!
  4. Fourth, the compact and maneuverable, can climb anywhere. Very convenient mowing under the fruit bushes, the fence and between the strawberries.
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It is important to follow a few rules and then the trimmer will last a long time:

  • do not mow wet grass because the engine can get water and happen circuit;
  • do not overtax the machine, giving it a rest every 15-20 minutes to avoid overheating;
  • do not wash, only wipe with a dry cloth.

It is also worth considering that the purpose of the electric trimmer Kolner KET — mowing low grass on small plots and in remote places, as well as correction of the lawn. It’s not super braid, which you can harvest hay or to mow the grass to waist height.

Once again, I bought on Aliexpress here.