Travel bag backpack ZIRANYU

Ordered a travel bag brand ZIRANYU with Aliexpress at the official website of the manufacturer here. The choice of the site of course insanely great, just look at first, hours spent behind the choice of this model.

The bag is cool, it has become a favorite for our frequent trips, workouts at the gym and traveling to different places.

The contents

  1. Ordering, color and where to buy
  2. The quality of the material
  3. Convenience and capacity
  4. Conclusion

Ordering, color and where to buy

Colors on the website allows you to choose the bag according to your taste, style of clothing. Every color is attractive in its own way, when we chose, was handbags of such colors: yellow, black, green and coffee.

We still stopped for coffee, very nice and practical color. This color fits with both light and dark clothing, as well is in harmony with the colored things, due to the fact that it is in itself solid colors.

The order issued September 17, 2018. The seller sent the order the next day, the need to communicate personal correspondence with the seller was not.

We just chose the correct model travel bags, chose the right neutral color, not too large, and decided to rely on the read characteristics of the manufacturer and written feedback, those people who have already purchased this same model on this website.

Track to track and on 10 October he was taken to the municipal collection point in Russia, in the way it turns out was 23 days. The bag was Packed in a plastic envelope, no visible damage or dirt on the package was not.

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The quality of the material

Ordering fully corresponds to the description that was on the website, no not a pleasant smell was not, no protruding threads also nowhere found, so all our worries were in vain.

Travel bag on the website the description was made of such material as canvas, hemp or linen fabric with plain weave yarn. This fabric is similar to the one used to make tents for Hiking or tarp. It is quite soft, and very dense.

Convenience and capacity

On the bag two short handles, for hand Luggage and there is also a long handle on the shoulder to lighten the load and free your hands. Long handle fastens with an iron snap hooks for iron rings sewn into the sides of the bag. Handles tight like an old cloth army belt.

Bag fastens with a zipper, it moves very smoothly, without any jamming. And opposite handles additionally fasten straps with plastic buckles, it serves as additional protection.

You can adjust the shoulder handle for your height, that will help solve the problem of socks bag in the cold period, we all wear jackets that discomfort with a little handle, but then you can make the length you need.

The bag is very durable, good size, very comfortable, not large but roomy. Long travel bags 45 cm, width 26 cm and height 25 cm.

Inside there is a large and spacious Department with a black, smooth lining. The outside of the bag with a side pocket is black mesh. On the bag itself has a small round decal and stripe in leather. Bought this product for 1238, 67 rubles. Another point: this backpack is quite large and if you need a smaller size, but also good quality and the same appearance, look at the brand Muzee.

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To take bag recommend, this travel bag will fit to different occasions, of course, just not on the triumph and not as ladies lovely bag Mochila. Bag is sporty. Her appearance is perfect wristwatch BoboBird — here is a review on them.

Quality reliable demolition be and it is not to all it is universal, suitable for both woman and man.

On Aliexpress you can find a lot of decent options, so choose to your liking, paying attention to size for you, and for what purposes it is you actually need. Your purchase we are very happy. Again, bought for Ali on this page.