Trapezoidal leopard skirt

Fashionable doesn’t mean expensive. Not so long ago (in March) I decided to try to order something from clothing at AliExpress.

As previously ordered cheaper things (phone case, hair clips, jewelry), worried that the item will not match the pictures. Ordered trapezoidal leopard skirt (at that time it was the trend of the season).

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality of the skirt and not print it
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

The order was issued on March 18 here on this page Aliexpress, delivered over 3 weeks plus (came in about 11 APR), regular mail. Price: $9.89

In the mail there was no difficulty, issuing orders done fairly quickly (I spent 5 minutes). Queues, as I understand it, does not happen (this is not my first order from AliExpress).

The quality of the skirt and not print it

The skirt itself fits the description and photos on the website, print the same as I imagined. Skirt length was also perfect.

The size was difficult to determine the size, as I wear mostly «S», but there are exceptions when the size is too small. The fabric is very good, pleasant to the touch, never see-through.

Have worn this skirt many times, perfect for any style — with both sneakersand shoes. The main thing — not to cling to something, otherwise it will puff.

Wash in machine, do not fade, not the color comes off, it is possible to wash at any temperature.

The fabric is not the brand, if water or any liquid (except, of course, highly visible, such as wine, grape juice), quietly disappears because of its bright colors leopard print.

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The coolest that the skirt does not crease, it can be not to iron at all. For me it’s the most important thing (I do not like to iron).


In General, the product is very pleased, now I will be without fear to order things from Aliexpress. It is very convenient and very affordable.

For example, the same trapezoidal leopard print skirt I saw in a clothing store, where it cost 3 times more expensive.

To overpay or wait? Take your pick. Once again, I bought it on Aliexpress here.