Toy: spider on remote control

Toy remote control spider. Ordered a Chinese online store Aliexpress on this page for 564 rubles, delivery is free. Product came nearest post office (Yaroslavl region) for two weeks. To Moscow were tracked in the mobile app. Packed well in a box.

Toy spider made of plastic material, the legs of spider rubber. Width – 16 cm, length 9 cm Black in colour with brown spots. The color and the size presented on the website description. On the case there are led bulbs that light up during power-up. In the dark it looks spectacular.

Powered by three batteries-tablets 1.5 V (G13, LR44, A76, SR44W, GP76A,357). These are the standard batteries used in most Chinese toys. In the kit are not available, are bought independently. With the lower body of a spider has a ON-OFF switch.

The control panel is a small 3.5-5 cm (size of a matchbox). There are two movement buttons: forward and turn clockwise (protected by a sliding panel).

On the sidebar are three modes of transmission of infrared waves: A, b, C. Works only in the mode, why do we need the rest unknown. During the signal red led lights. To him as required three batteries-tablets.

On the seller’s website are the promotional photos of the toy in the woods.

In the woods, on lawns, and on other sites, even with small irregularities he can’t move (the radius of the wheels is small).

On a flat surface moves the spider fast enough, one meter is approximately 7 seconds. To turn in the right direction requires some skill.

As it takes place in one direction only, have to spin in place several times. While driving heard a humming of wheels, which gives the spider the horror effect. A range of toys to the PU, assuming a new charged battery, about 9 meters.

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Overall, the impression of the toy is good, children are very happy. But there is one big disadvantage: even in the disabled state is discharge the batteries. You have to remove them after each use. Otherwise, they lack not more than a week, even if the toy is not used.

Remind, bought on Aliexpress here. Can you recommend a children’s race car and radio controlled quadcopter with video camera at a good price.