Toy: robot Unicorn on the remote control

I have many years of using the site Aliexpress: know the nuances of this platform – what to look for when choosing a product, never choose a position without feedback, only if is a trusted seller with a good reputation. Often order different toys for baby 4 years.

My daughter, like many children now loves themed ponies and unicorns. We already have a small collection of the figures, ponies and unicorns are with us in books, coloring books, clothing, backpacks, bags.

Recently we saw a video with a dancing robot unicorn. The child simply fell in love with him and constantly asked for this toy. We decided to purchase her daughter as a Christmas gift.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and features of
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

I looked on the website Aliexpress: at that time the toy was from several vendors, but detailed reviews and photos was not one of them. Risk – a noble cause: chose a reliable seller with high reputation and ordered it here on this page.

The parcel arrived quickly and well packaged. Unicorn is charging from a network, the remote works on batteries (not included). Charging of the robot, turned it on and was very surprised how interesting a toy.

The quality and features of

Made from quality plastic, soft wheels don’t scratch the flooring, looks very sturdy. Unicorn favorably Packed with features from the usual robots that can only walk back and forth.

Robot unicorn has the following abilities:

  • Moves in all directions, around its axis, is a function of prosecution. Controlled by remote control well, without delay.
  • Tells stories in English.
  • Dancing to the music.
  • Sleeping lullaby song.
  • Sings, laughs, snores.
  • Makes chewing sounds, and has separate buttons «Apple», «sugar», «radishes».
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There are buttons programming, but we still didn’t use it. All actions are accompanied by flashing horns different colors and glowing eyes.


This is the interesting surprise from Santa Claus managed – daughter plays with a unicorn on the remote control still have other children toy also causes a lot of emotions.

I do not recommend purchase for children under three years old may get scared he is really very active, but otherwise a very decent toy. Once again, I did order on Aliexpress here.