Toy for cats Cats Meow

Recently, the Aliexpress website, I saw a very interesting thing. It was a toy for cats the company of Cats Meow. After weeks of operation can not bypass the party, and not to leave a review about this product. Bought here.

So, what is this toy?

This apparatus in the form of a disc, the top of which is a button to manage this device. From drive leaves a fairly thick wire, simulating the tail of the mouse. And the disc itself is served round a cloak of rustling material type of Mac. The value of the goods at the time of purchase amounted to slightly more than 600 rubles. Battery powered standard R14 size L. It is the battery, which is twice as thick as a finger.

The type and size in relation to the animal (click to enlarge)

What’s the point of toys?

When you turn on the toy, the same wire, which simulates the tail of the mouse, to rotate around the base. In control panel you can change the speed of rotation.

There are 4 speed. The motion of the wire, it hurts a rustling cloak, what causes the interest of the cat.

Electronic device

How my cat reacted to a toy?

My favorite love it. This is a really interesting device, in order to keep your furry Pets do not get bored. As soon as you launch this toy, my cat starts running around her, trying to catch that elusive tail.

About the seller and shipping, where to buy:

The product was shipped pretty quickly. A little more than two weeks, the toy was in Russia. But, on arrival on the territory of Russia she was gone. After 3 weeks of being toys somewhere in Russia, I opened a dispute, so as to protect the product came to an end.

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The seller tried to persuade me to wait, to extend the term of protection. I opened a dispute anyway, since the wait is not wanted, the seller failed, as the next day after opening the dispute, I received a notice that my parcel finally came.

View the toy and the price today on Aliexpress >>

Summing up, I want to give a review and say:

The product I recommend to buy a cat, even robot vacuum iLife so not interested. Very interesting and original thing manufacturer Cats Meow knows how to surprise and delight. The seller, as the delay of goods on the territory of Russia, he is not to blame. The seller answered emails and tried to reassure me that the product will come.

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