Tourmaline vest treatment and heating

I am 67 years and some back problems periodically remind myself. To buy tourmaline heating vest, I pushed a good doctor and advised to order from China instead of buying at the pharmacy. Like how much cheaper. Then I made sure that the quality is not inferior to a similar product in the drugstore, and the price is two times lower.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Dimensions
  3. The quality

Where to buy

The doubts of course were kind of like buying a pig in a poke. Knowing the Chinese, the probability of a defective item is very high. But I decided to take a chance, as the computer are able to work, and the words of smart doctors listen.

Was going to look for tourmaline healing vest based on the number of orders and feedback. On Aliexpress great variety, but with the reduction of finding the right model choice is practically narrowed down to a few pieces.

Mostly bought tourmaline belt, and vests is not so much demand, apparently. I needed a vest, because it hurts not only the lower back but also between the shoulder blades.

Ordered on Ali this, and more than satisfied.


Doubt what size to get (my height 165, and the description fits, but Chinese clothes forever malomeryat feared that one thing children’s dimensions).

In the end, decided that L with a waist of 100 cm will probably lose my money because I’d rather thin than thick. Well, in the end, the smallest is S, and it was not offered, respectively, M is the average and the best. The price is around $17.

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In fact the vest is perfectly suited in length and width, in the waist of his gum, which can be secured tightly. The product was in Primorsky Krai for two months. In Russia, according to the tracking, the parcel arrived in two weeks, and then went probably to travel across the country to Moscow and back, to the far East. Mail of Russia, that it take.

The parcel was packaged in a dark plastic bag.

The quality

The vest was a little smell, but after airing out on the balcony during the day the smell is almost gone.

The rest thing is fine with me, fits the description on the website.

The quality is good, stones do not fall off, threads do not stick out. Warms, relieves pain.

I recommend to purchase. Once again, I took on Aliexpress here on this page. Can still advise massager LaGuerir: Mat and cushion pillow, massage pillow for neck and back.