Touch liquid soap dispenser Xiaomi

Review is for fans of interesting and convenient devices for the home. We will talk about touch automatic liquid soap dispenser from the brand Xiaomi. Yet they are called dispensers.

Ordered from this seller on this page on Aliexpress, reviews, almost all five stars, with shipping came out around $ 27 (1800 rubles).

The parcel was approximately 3-4 weeks, to the Russian border came for a week, and there as usual:) was Taken by Sdecon.

The contents

  1. The quality and appearance
  2. Food
  3. Summary
  4. Video

The quality and appearance

The device is very cool!! First, the quality of the plastic is just great, looks stylish, and, most importantly, a very handy thing! Put your hand under the sensor, and automatically soap dispenser converted to a foam and poured into the palm.

Most importantly, do not put your hand close, and it may zaglyuchit, it is necessary to observe a distance of approximately 3-4 cm from the sensor.

The set Xiaomi has included a soap that smelled good, even had the idea to ask the seller the name and order it separately!

When the «soap factory» ends, the removable container is necessary to pour any 1/3 liquid soap and 2/3 water. The flow turns out very economical.

On the reverse side is the power button. Once to turn on and to refuel, you can not turn off.


Soap dish powered by three batteries which are also included in the kit (for six months work, have not changed).


In General, only positive impressions from the dispenser Xiaomi, no minus for six months have been identified. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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