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Love the watch. Without them I do not feel comfortable as if that’s going to be late. For me it is important to know the exact time, so my hours are a lot different: at home in every room, at work, in the car, even in the bathroom set. That’s what I had, so it is waterproof, treated once. My husband has these wooden wrist BoboBird, but waterproof, and I didn’t need.

And then we gathered in a hot country on vacation and the program outlined quite active. Well and how here without a clock? To the beach your phone will not suffer, and look to fill with water or pull, and watch which usually wear, do not fit the selling clothes (the girls agree with me), and some of them even just pathetic, if spoiled, vacation-that’s for sure.

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  1. Shockproof and waterproof?
  2. Review and tests
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Shockproof and waterproof?

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And I had made the decision to buy such watch that was indestructible, waterproof, and inexpensive. Spending money before the holiday is not wanted.

Aliexpress to help me! Long did I wander the clock shopping at Ali, eyes ran, basket swell, it was in the morning. But in the end, picked a winner and bought it here on the official page of the company Popart.

Cost about$ 7. Sent quickly, the parcel arrived in a month. It was Packed in a couple of packs and tightly wrapped in paperco, reached whole, so the first test of strength, our mail has already been passed.

Review and tests


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Here the material of the bracelet I was first alerted, it seemed that the hand is under it will sweat and the skin to be irritated. And had hours to test number 2, because I’m thorough and surprises, especially in the long-awaited vacation, do not like.

I wore the watch Popart and holding the hair dryer at a average temperature, held her hand. 5 minutes – normal flight. Don’t know what kind of material, but the skin underneath is quite a good breathing and no irritation arose.

Looking ahead, say that and leave at a constant temperature of 40 degrees hand under the clock, it was comfortable, I didn’t feel at all. Experience — so experience. 5 minutes after unpacking the watch went to check the water.

First, just washed my hands without removing them. Took out to dry in an hour no changes have occurred. Then dipped in a glass of water and quickly took. Go smoothly, the perspiration under glass there. And then I, like any Russian man, captured the excitement and watch dived into a glass for half an hour, but went to bed. The next morning, still there were no complaints neither in their appearance nor to work. And I realized that Popart watch is what I wanted!

Still want to mention their pleasant appearance, accuracy, backlight, date and day of the week. To set the desired parameters easily by yourself. First, the lower left button to choose what you need to set calendar/clock, then the bottom right – what value set the day/month or hour/minutes, and then the top right put the right number.

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The vacation went great, we went everywhere, where wanted, thanks to my watch, will not late. And they are with me and bathed in the sea and in chlorinated pools, and covered with sand, and participated in children’s games, and Bob on the ground, walls and anything else. One was even filled with juice and had time to dry, was then carefully washed with soap and water.

All the holiday test they come out victorious, without losing that no appearance or working properties. Here now are waiting for our next vacation, but I’m thinking now to buy a smart watch for a child.

Where to buy

Of course, Ali:

Watch watch and the price on Aliexpress >>