Top 3 best cashback services Aliexpress 2018

The contents

  1. Selection criteria
  2. Top best
  3. EPN (7-18%)
  4. Letishops (6.5%)
  5. Backly (7%…)
  6. Summary
  7. It is important

Cashback services allow good save on shopping in Aliexpress (and not only!), but in the last time there was so much that a natural question arises: what to choose in 2017-the year of?

Selection criteria

We have selected TOP best based on the following criteria:

  • The percentage of returns;
  • For reviews of real users on our website, VK group and on our YouTube channel. We did not take into consideration the reviews around the Internet, as many of the reviews are purchased and edited by the owners of the sites and groups for a fee. We are 100% confident in the reality of the feedback on our web sites.
  • For reviews and assessments in the global verification system of the trust sites — myWOT. Perhaps the only detailed organization which monitors wrap reviews and ratings.
  • Subjective assessment of ease of interface, plugins, mobile version.
  • Speed and the number of different ways of payments.
  • Time, the presence of popular groups in the social.networks, the level and promptness of support (to do so, we create complex queries), the level of BL (business level), Webmoney, documents and presence in the lists of official partners Aliexpress, other indicators.
  • Well, finally, and most importantly — in our own experience and the number of received payment.

Attention! If a cashback service is not received at least one payment for the real order, it will never appear in our Top.

Top best

EPN (7-18%)

First place gets a well-deserved quite an old company EPN

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Originally, it was an affiliate program for webmasters, but then it turned into a whole set of different services, including, cashback.

From the pros:

  • Payments. Extremely fast payment the same day about 5 minutes after confirmation of the order on Ali. Payments are made free of Commission to WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Bank card or mobile phone.
  • Percentage. 7-18% is the reasonable level of return.
  • Support. 2 years working with them have no complaints.
  • Interface. Extremely simple and convenient, the mobile version is present, lightweight plugin for many browsers will not allow to forget to return some of their money, a popular Facebook group, which does not delete the posts and do not block.
  • You can order them a Bank card UK MasterCard, which will receive payments (+1%) and is available without fees to receive payments.
  • Discount coupons is right there in the account and you can use them without restrictions.

Cons so far seen only one: a small number of partner sites. At the moment, are only four: Ali, Ozon, BangGood, GearBest, Osos.

More advantages and services EPNcashback in our review or on their website:

Go to the EPN website cashback

Letishops (6.5%)

This time a relatively young service Letishop ousted from third place man Extrabux, but what to do, the latter generally deteriorated and now only pays on PayPal, and then… only 5%.In Letishos are many shops and services, the stakes are all different. Aliexpress is 6.5% less than the previous members of our Top. But if you sign up now through our link, we immediately activated a promotional code and cashback on all shopping will increase by 30% for a week.Thus, Ali will return 8.45% and a week later it will drop to the standard 6.5%. Good chance to stock up at the nearest outlet with a great discount!Learn more about Letishops in our independent review or go directly to register:go to Letishops

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Backly (7%…)

Attention! Backly cocamilla (read «blown away») a month ago. Payments don’t go, nothing is transferred. Recently stopped working their website. Thus, this information about Backly left only to memory and to let everyone know, there is no need to register-even if the site eventually will work again.

Good old Backly! Now they have a rate of 7% for purchases with Aliexpress and term of payment as much as two weeks, in this respect, he loses the Epn service.

But it has its advantages, the main of which — a huge amount of shops and not just… You would like to receive a certain percentage for purchase of air and railway tickets, booking of hotels, taxi, goods in Russian stores (Eldorado, M-video,…), buy in a pharmacy and even a mobile phone or Internet payment?

This is all possible on Backly!

The second very significant advantage is the increased lifetime cashback when reaching a total of 101 ruble. For example, the percentage for payment in Aliexpress is increased to 8% and so on all stores from their catalog.

Cons: long hold payments up to 2 weeks, the minimum to payment — 650 rubles.

You can see our review on Backly or go to the

Go to Backly


Official cashback services for Aliexpress, every year becomes more and more, but a clear leader among them — no doubt Cashback EPN, which is not only not inferior to his first, but gradually breaks away from all the others.

At the end of 2016 they pleased users another unique service that helps to look for really is the lowest price in Chinese stores, not only the search on Aliexpress. Read more here: classmagazine (through) search in EPN.

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The top members have their own plug-ins (browser extensions), which allows not to worry about possibility to forget to get a percentage, they automatically care about it.

It is important

In many cases, you may not get your cashback and for your purchase it will get someone else, or do not receive one. How is this possible? Check out our unique investigation in this article (a must!).