Toothbrush Oral B Cross Action battery powered

I made an order for Oral B Cross Action in March 2018. At the time of purchase the cost was just over 14 dollars. At the moment the price is 13 cents. The seller has not previously spoken to and the reviews about it did not read, bought on Aliexpress here.

After payment, the seller delayed the shipment for 21 days. During this time I reminded him about himself 2 times. He only said that the product is quickly coming and that I wasn’t worried.

The tracking number was right, and brush were tracked to the post office, which is located close to home. The delivery took about 10 days, along with the output. It is very fast shipping, since most of the parcel before me was 1-2 months.

The brush is presented in 4 colors: blue, turquoise, pink and blue. I chose Teal (green). It was packaged in their own packaging. The seller strongly with the packaging did not bother and put it in the standard package with some bubble wrap. The product did not come dented and is fully intact.

The contents

  1. Opinion
  2. Interchangeable tips
  3. Oral b’s work and the quality of cleaning teeth
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video


Toothbrush Oral B Cross Action appearance was fully consistent with the product presented on the website. In the package was a box with a brush and one is a square package with 4 interchangeable nozzles.

The packaging says that the product is made in Germany. Most of the information presented in the English language. On the back of the box has a special dotted line for easy opening. Brush was removed with ease.

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Interchangeable tips

Included were a cap for the head and the white girl who helps to change the nozzle, but the first time I didn’t even realize why it is needed.

To change the attachment should this white plate is positioned so that the pin was in the hole on the brush, then pull the very tip. Removed tight and the other is fixed also. During operation do not loose and does not fly.

Foundation brushes have a rubber insert, so brush of the hand does not slip. The power button is pressed easily. Also turns off. The battery is inserted into the lower part. To open Unscrew.

In the product description says that it’s rechargeable battery, but it’s not. Had it for 2 months, then I switched to another battery. If the cap is not fully closed, the battery will lie down a little so the brush will not turn off, to fix we need to fully insert the battery and tighten.

As for the nozzles. The head that was originally on the brush are made carefully. It is moderately hard, the bristles do not protrude, in use process do not fall out and not become a brush. Clean good gums are not stripped.

But interchangeable tips are made worse. First, they differ in color, and secondly, quality. Some «hairs» sticking out and after some time, begin to stick out in different directions. But still it is cheaper than buying an original replacement head piece.

Oral b’s work and the quality of cleaning teeth

When enabled, the brush vibrates and rumbles. At the request of seller, it makes 7,200 revolutions per minute. The upper part makes a circular movement, whereas the lower one makes movements from side to side.

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Even at high pressure the brush does not stop performing their duties, of course, if the battery allows it, if dead, the work will be much weaker. Brush noisy, even through the closed door it is heard well.

Teeth cleans well. Paste when you use the brush is required in 2 times less. By the way, if you like modern device, replacing outdated popular options, I recommend also to pay attention to the brush for cleaning the face of the company JP Home.


At the moment the period of use of 8 months. During this time, the toothbrush works the same as when buying. When compared with analog, which I had previously, but bought in our city at the price in 2 times above, they are identical.

Therefore, I see to pay more for goods when on Aliexpress you can buy not only cheaper, as the same Lansung, but get a bonus in the form of additional attachments. Again, took on this page.