Toothbrush Lansung sn901 (Electric Lansung)

On one of the countless sales Aliexpress, it was decided to buy for personal use, electric toothbrush, after lengthy comparisons I chose the brush of a famous brand Lansung, no you heard right and I’m not sealed, not Samsung — that Lansung, model sn901.

It makes no sense to pay extra for an analogue from a more popular brand, such as the Oral-B 3D Whiteheads which are half this brush with 4 attachments.

Brush Packed in a large box of glossy cardboard. Soft box, mail of Russia badly to work on it and she came to me not in the required form but the contents of the parcel was not damaged. I ordered the official representative of Aliexpress here.

In a box of our comrades from China put: a toothbrush, a charger, an adapter on the European fork 4 (Yes, CARL, 4! interchangeable nozzles for cleaning teeth).

Toothbrush made of high quality plastic, the bristles are soft — I like it rough, she the cleaning head is of small size, 1.5 times less than usual toothbrushes.


The handle is 2 button: on/off and change the cleaning mode — standard, soft, massage the gums. I liked the standard mode, the other use was not necessary.

According to the manufacturer toothbrush applies the technology of sonic frequency vibrations to 30,000 per minute. The self-timer when enabled, programmed for 2 minutes and then comes off the brush — that will not allow you to leave it on inadvertently, every 30 seconds of vibration pause 0.5 seconds, the brush seems to be similar — not Tris in one place, a quarter of a cycle.

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Loved wireless charging. The stand is equipped with a magnet, which is firmly based toothbrush with induction base, cut the cords, connectors and other inconveniences. With a single charge brush worked for me for about 1 month with daily use, but in addition to electric, I used in the evenings and even a manual toothbrush. The capacity of the battery manufacturer is not made public, the batteries used Ni-Cd.

Lansung СН901 protected from water spray standard IPx7, it can be easy to immerse under running water and it will be nothing — never bothered about this: brushing my teeth in the shower, dropped it in the bathroom filled with water «though henna», not breaks.


All is good, but I have a couple of claims to it. Not like the bristles and the size of the cleaning head, but this is a personal matter. When you try change cleaning heads I got the desired result: blame the fact Moscow hard water or something like that — but the brush change did not work, the nozzle is sitting like glue, had to throw it away.

Interesting, but I liked the feeling of cleaning, what do you want to order electric toothbrush for cleansing the face and try it.

Lansung SN901 is a good choice for the money that want for it to the seller — 12-14$. His task to brush your teeth this brush works well, too: after a week of fanatical use morning and evening for 2 minutes on my teeth left enamel for a few days and had to do exclusively with the mouthwash to the teeth it was impossible to touch. Oh and don’t forget that in addition to the brush to use oral irrigator for mouth.

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My opinion on electric toothbrushes from now on is that for the most part it’s an indulgence — a classic toothbrush is not worse than the electric counterpart. Again ordered this product from an authorized representative of Lansang on Aliexpress via this link.

Happy shopping and thank you for your attention.