Tooth electric toothbrush Braun Oral-B 3D White Pro

Electric toothbrush Braun Oral-B 3D White Pro 500 I bought on AliExpress website on this link. The purchase cost me 2850 rubles. Delivery of goods carried out free of charge to the apartment by courier and took 8 days.

Toothbrush I have pink. It is designed for use only by adults for daily brushing. In the kit there was a head, a charger and brush itself.

The contents

  1. Series 3D White
  2. Charging
  3. How to brush your teeth

Series 3D White

Brush Braun Oral-B Pro supplied with attachments with a silicone center, which is designed for more effective removal of plaque and thereby make teeth whiter (hence the name 3D White). But, as interchangeable to the brush, any suitable nozzle Oral-B.

Brush is made of plastic. The handle is made with anti-slip pink accents (like rubber). She’s not fat and comfortable in the hand.

On the handle there is a round button on/off with a distinctive marking. Button, mechanical, click. Toothbrush used translational (8800 per minute) and pulsating (20,000 per minute) movement of the brush head.

A distinctive feature of this model from previous ones is the presence of two battery status indicators. If the battery is discharged, turning on and using a brush will flash red color of the lower indicator in the form of plug sockets.


When the red flashing light and failing to immediately put it on the charger, the brush I have enough for another 4-5 uses. Battery built-in brush, charging from the network by establishing a special database.

I charge enough for about a week, if you brush your teeth in the morning and evening for 2 minutes. Charging the brush is long, about 18-20 hours. While brush on the base flashes green top indicator in the form of a battery.

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When the battery is charged, the blinking stops, green lit without a break for a few seconds and goes out. According to the instructions, the brush can be put on charge after each cleaning, that is, to keep on included in the network database.

How to brush your teeth

When using the brush Braun Oral-B 3D White Pro every 30 seconds short sound by vibrating to change the position and evenly clean all sides of the jaw. Two minutes later served a long vibration. This means that brushing your teeth can be finished. But the brush is still working and can be deactivated only by pressing the button.

This is my first electric toothbrush. I really like her design, it’s not heavy, it is convenient to use. The powerful battery and charge the brush once a week 1 does not cause any inconvenience.

Charging base is small and, if necessary, you can take it with you on vacation or a business trip. About the whitening effect is difficult to say, it’s not noticeable. But brushing his teeth is an electric toothbrush better than a simple mechanical. Teeth are noticeably cleaner and it needs to exert much less effort.

Again, bought on Aliexpress Tmall here.