Tonometer OMRON M2 Basic with universal cuff

Blood pressure monitor OMRON M2 Basic (HEM-7121-ALRU) to measure blood pressure and to measure pulse rate ordered on the website of the online store Aliexpress, a model chosen according to the principle, the simpler the better, with minimal functionality.

Discount blood pressure monitor cost me 2739,00 roubles, without a discount today the price is 3539,00 rubles sending yourself for a long time did not wait, in two weeks I flew to Perm. I ordered here.

The package although on the surface was heavily battered and dented, despite this, the tonometer no damage was detected. Automatic blood pressure monitor, convenient to use without assistance.

The contents

  • Instruction and equipment
  • Caveat on the cuff
  • Screen
  • Instruction and equipment

    Flick of the wrist pressing the «Start» button on the case and in a minute the result on the screen, the same button is also the button to turn the unit off. Included storage pouch, universal cuff 22-42 cm, adapter for mains operation, the tonometer can also operate on three AA batteries, but unfortunately the kit they are not included, and also very important is instruction in Russian language and in the configuration set another log for recording blood pressure, as it turned out, that this is due to the integrated memory function measurement results. The product is produced of course in China, but Japanese technology!

    Caveat on the cuff

    Tonometer specifically chose universal cuff, it turns out you need to pay attention to it, I found out about this purely by chance, has a standard cuff size 22-32 cm and will not fit on a fairly full hand, but universal cuff having circumference of the arm 42 to see exactly will fit any hand cuff easily fits over even with one hand, fixed on the circumference of the hand through Velcro.

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    Very simple and easy to use, just two buttons. Both buttons are located on the front of the tonometer. One button is a big «Start», the second smallest has a memory function, that is, in the device memory can store up to 30 previous measurement of pressure. Convenient.


    Monitor the large, numbers displayed clearly in three lines:

    • the upper pressure indicator;
    • indicator low pressure;
    • the index of the frequency of the pulse.

    When you turn the cuff starts to blow air on the screen at this time, blink and jump to different numbers. Attention to them should not pay, and even more frightened. The final result can be assessed after cuff will stop breathing and will sound an alarm of type «PI-PI».

    The case is made of plastic, judging by the condition it came to me sending a very durable plastic used by the manufacturer, without plastic smell. The seller claims that its product is clinically tested. Easy to believe the testimony compared with other automatic and even mechanical devices, blood pressure monitor OMRON M2 Basic (HEM-7121-ALRU) showed the maximum accuracy of the indicators.

    Based on the fact that on one set of batteries, blood pressure cuff I have been working for almost a year with daily use by three people, can be described a blood pressure monitor how energy-efficient the appliance. Due to the compact dimensions will not be difficult to find a place for storage, and light weight will allow you to take a trip.

    For the use of the tonometer of claims for work not yet emerged. Only one regret, being convinced that the Chinese site always offers low prices, order without looking, but after the purchase was to draw attention to a similar product in pharmacies of the city and found that when buying in the pharmacy could save. So we suggest before you buy to compare the price of the site and shops of your city.

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    Again, bought here on Aliexpress from the official supplier.