TOAKS titanium frying pan T-18 — bowl Hiking

Bought titanium frying pan T-18 on the official website of the Toaks brand on Aliexpress here. It cost about$ 18 and now it has become cheaper.

My wife is the second year uses only titanium dishes and about the other had forgotten. It’s light, Neprikasaemye, aesthetically beautiful and very reliable. Easy to clean and does not break when dropped. In General, we found ideal for our family.

Perhaps the only negative is the price. Although, good dishes from famous brands not buy cheaper, but the quality is the same Tefal definitely not be better. Now if you need something from the dish, I first go to Ali and are looking to have a Toaks.

This pan weighs only about 60 grams. Would have been plastic, would weigh more))) Diameter — 19 cm, height 3 cm Is more of a Hiking bowl, not the pan

In General, the basic told, all the other see in the video below.

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