Titanium travel mug Artisan Ti at 300 and 550 ml.

Is this the correct saying is «Prepare a cart in the winter…», so I decided to stock up on Hiking supplies before the New year, in the spring to start his tourist tour of the region.

After the successful use of titanium pans, I decided to take myself camping mug brand Ti Artisan. In order not to fall for the fake, ordered on the official website of the manufacturer on Aliexpress here.

Long thought, what kind of settings and experiences to write in reviews. Well, what characteristics may have Hiking clubs? Only with a capacity of 550 milliliters, there is an option on the 300 ml pen with one hand dual, convenient lid, so you can make tea or even to cook something.

The packaging is awesome! A special box, in this box, and in it she dishes with the convenient carrying case.

Thanks to a thin handle with two wings, it almost instantly cools down and you can safely drink hot tea, holding the mug Tiartisan in hand. The cap has mount for hanging in the tent above the stove, fire, etc.

By the way, if you travel a lot and love quality things as snap, then take a look at reviews of power bank with charging from the sun, Boruit headlamp flashlight with 1000 lumens brightness and «indestructible» tactical backpack Ziranyu — all were bought on Aliexpress with free shipping. The titanium mug I bought on this page.

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