Ti-Chip — charging smartphones on Android with a micro USB wireless memory

Recently bought on AliExpress Ti Chip Qi, (a Very useful thing which allows you to charge your Android smartphone by wireless way, even if it does not support this).

The contents

  1. Where to buy and how to choose
  2. Features
  3. What fits
  4. Activation and setup
  5. If it works and quality
  6. Opinion
  7. Video

Where to buy and how to choose

Before buying a long thought and has solved, because this kind of risk: not only doesn’t fit, suddenly not working, and similar thoughts.

Had many offers but I came across suitable. However, I want to see what to choose from all the proposals need to carefully, because there are proposals that this product is 100 rubles, 150. Of course, they differ in characteristics and quality, so I chose a middle ground here on this page on Aliexpress.

Also pay attention to the compatibility of the model of the chip with your phone. In my case, the seller provided a different version of the chips under charger Micro USB for your Android smartphone. Now there are already for USB Type-C.


We now turn to the characteristics of the goods. This product is 653 rubles, or if the $ 10$ (This price for very good quality version). However, on AliExpress often pass discounts on this item, so if a month to wait, you can save and take over 432 rubles, or $ 7$.

Drove such goods to Kiev for 1 month and 7 days. However, when I returned to Moscow, I ordered one such item for another gadget and he, to my surprise arrived in 8 days. He came in the envelope and in the package. He was neatly folded.

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What fits

The seller has the model of the chip, which is compatible with the following models of Android smartphones: Meizu, Xiaomi, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, XIAOMI, ZTE, HTC, Nokia, Lenovo, Huawei, Sony, Motorola.

However, that I was quite disappointed, this chip has no support for fast charging. But if you have a phone fast enough to charge, then feel free to take this model.

Activation and setup

This Ti chip-Chip is a kind of method of activation:

The phone learned to draw power from a wireless platform Qi, you need to insert this chip under the cover of your device, and the antenna (built-in), directly insert into the Micro USB on your Android smartphone.

If it works and quality

Currently, he is the best receiver Qi, thanks to a new chipset TI. Another, my favorite feature is that it has a special overheat protection, so it doesn’t break from overheating, unlike the rest of the Qi chips. (Maximum temperature protection 45 degrees Celsius)

I ordered several of these devices Ti Chip. I want to say that they are perfect for a gift for a friend, whose phone does not supports wireless charging Qi. Their main advantage is good quality, relatively expensive price.

However, I note that this chip cannot be used alone, it is necessary to buy a wireless charger. Can recommend still Baseus car charger with magnetic holder. It is perfect for this Qi.


My opinion is that this chip is ideal for gift to yourself, friends and acquaintances, as it is much easier life. (Put the phone to charge it) So don’t hesitate, take and give! Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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