Thermos with aliexpress for tea, water and food

Ordered 30.08.2017 the seller sent a tracking number China Post Registered Air Mail on the seventh day after the payment.

Ordering was monitored throughout the journey until the time of delivery, a total of 35 days. Parcel received 04.10.2017 Packed in a bag inside a box. The box was unmarked factory marks and heavily dented, no damage to the thermos is not received.

The quality is good, in the middle of the thermos lay a small silica gel bag. There was a slight smell, but it quickly wore off after I rinse it with boiling water. If the smell remained, I would have washed it with a solution of ordinary baking soda, as suggested by many manufacturers of flasks.

Took it here here for is 5.14$ volume of 350 ml, 15.5*7.5 cm, Thermos made of stainless steel: the outer portion by stamping, and the inner part of the welded.

The volume corresponds to the declared (checked measuring Cup). The neck is wide (5 cm) wash very convenient. Because such a wide neck, you can even use it for soups or cereals that love caring parents of small children.

Plastic cover with silicone gasket, does not leak. Filled with boiling water, the body slightly hot (the sides and bottom is cold and the top warm ). The heat holds for a very long time, up to 4 hours, then just tepid water.

Drawing a neat well printed but scratched. To wash in the dishwasher, I think not worth it, can oblasti paint.

Conclusion and my opinion: great little thermos with a nice design and texture for an adequate price, which is perfect for kids and adults! Definitely can recommend the product and seller. Son ordered for school and walking — the child is delighted.

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