Thermometer Xiaomi iHealth

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With the advent of the baby in the house it became clear that the mercury thermometer to measure the temperature just will not work — three minute cry of a newborn, not everyone can afford, especially considering that, in the case of illness, this should be done every hour. Began searching for a non-contact thermometer to make life easier for themselves and neighbors.

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Where to buy

Chose the reviews and was very happy when the product found favorite brand Xiaomi with a large number of positive ratings. Here is a link to the sellerfrom whom ordered. This is the official representative is advised to take only the official.

For the price of the thermometer cost us 27$ (1,800 rubles), the average price in the website. Shipping to Krasnodar took about four weeks, the courier brought it straight home. Track to track all the way.

Externally, the thermometer Xiaomi iHealth Mijia looks very nice, white glass, glued protective film (on a photo without it).

How to use

Before using the most important to read the instructionsto avoid the shock of a possible error. Chinese, fortunately or unfortunately, we do not own, but in the instructions is English version and pictures.

A thermometer is necessary to take in hand, camping in one or two inches from the forehead in between the eyebrows, the thumb to press the button under the screen. A second later, felt a slight vibration and the screen will light up the indicator with the temperature.

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When comparing with a mercury thermometer error was 0.2 degrees. Or all healthy members of our family the temperature is 36,8

If it is wrong to attach the thermometer, it is a variation of temperatures can really come as a shock, so we strongly recommend to follow the instructions.

Infrared thermometer, Xiaomi ideal for measuring temperature at night, the measured won’t feel a thing. Most importantly, the thermometer does NOT DROP, it is fragile and sensitive to drops. Otherwise, you will begin to cheat in retaliation.

If you have a toddler at home, you can watch a special magnetic locks for furniture and baby clipper GL.

To access this product on Aliexpress and find the price today from the official supplier.