The Xeon processor e5450 on 775 motherboard

Ordered the CPU for 20.58$ on Aliexpress here. Came 21 days in Voskresensk.

On the processor. My PC for about 6 years, but I’m in no hurry to part with him and to run to the store for a new, undoubtedly more productive. Because there are still updates, and token money.

Xeon e5450 is probably the best option for a motherboard with socket 775 for the money. Now the computer does not work, and flies. 4 cores, 3 GHz, 12 MB cache make themselves known.

Despite the fact that the platform is gradually disappearing from the shelves that trite and inevitable for any when high-performance systems, this upgrade allows you not to rush to write it in the cupboard.

For example, in conjunction with a relatively powerful graphics card, you can get good results in different applications.

Of course, the Xeon e5450 is far from top-end i7, the gap at times, but quite on level with i3 i5, some versions, again not overclocked. Some can overclock it to 4 GHz, more often up to 3.6 GHz.

But the number of shots in games, for example, the gap is much smaller here, much depends on the graphics card.

No complaints, no lag, the temperature is normal (at maximum load is heated to 55 degrees). You can also undo what the seller already rewired contacts with 771 on 775 socket, and you don’t have to finish.

For work Xeon e5450 — what you need. GTA 5 on ultra graphics settings stable 50-60 fps. CS:GO at maximum settings 70-100 fps.

Basically, if you don’t want to buy an expensive processor, motherboard, RAM, this is a great option to breathe new life into your old computer for a ridiculous today money.

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Product excellent seller recommend, here is a link to it on Aliexpress. I recommend to read the article «Cheap gaming PC processor-Xeon«. Also, pay attention to accelerate health PC using cheap KingDian SSD Sata3.