The VESA mount for the TV on the wall

I needed to attach my new Fusion TV on the wall in the kitchen. This will require a special mount type VESA or VESA mini, which I without hesitation ordered on Aliexpress, because the prices in offline stores is significantly higher than the cost of ordinary hardware bolts.

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  • Where to buy and variations

    Ordered here, the seller has more than 8 years and you can trust him, given a huge amount of positive feedback. Apparently, I was right.

    The seller of brackets for televisions there are lot of different options:

    • The cheapest is a direct fixing to walls without the possibility of rotation. Maximum — 30 degrees vertically.
    • Medium variant. Quite conveniently rotated in different directions, up to 170 degrees, can be almost completely folded down and then the TV snugly to the wall up to about 20 centimeters;
    • The most expensive is the so-called «grafiki», which will give and allow you to twist, twist the screen to almost anything. Don’t know where such can be useful, maybe in offices where everyone is sitting around like «Open Office», I don’t know…

    I chose the middle option. Here its dimensions, you can click on the image to enlarge:

    Came in record time. Although the packaging was badly dented our mail, the bracket is not damaged. Bought at the price of about 10$, now the dollar changes so fast in price, in rubles I don’t know.


    Connection for turns «go» tight, but when I put him to my plasma or monitor, due to the leverage effect turns out just fine.

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    Powerful bolts and a thick metal 2 mm. inspire confidence. Painting a four, because I found a couple of small stains. But the black color and TV is generally not noticeable. All stated sizes are fully aligned with the test tape.

    100% can recommend to buy! Again, took here on this page on Aliexpress from a seller with 8 years of history!