The unit is fast-charging ROCK

I bought this great unit quick charging ROCK on AliExpress for seven dollars 18 August 2018 here on this page, and on 15 September he was already lying on my Desk in Odessa, and all thanks to the delivery of regular mail.

The choice offered black, red, blue, orange and grey. I chose orange, because it seemed to me the most beautiful and practical.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Device
  3. How to apply and longevity of the battery
  4. Video


The unit is fast charging is made very soundly, no backlash and clearances. White plastic glossy, color inserts matte, and than it resembles the skin. Sizes: 8,5×4,5×2,5. That is, it is quite large and heavy(exactly 50 grams!).

Plug the Rock, of course, European. Bundled with it was the micro usb cable, but it is made not as good as block, and in the next 2 months I have broke down and I had to buy a new one.


The device has 3 usb connectors, only one of which supports fast charging standard by Qualcomm 3.0, it is highlighted in red color and 2 remaining normal at 2.1 A.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 in 2016. If Quick Charge 2.0 focused on the charging rate of the device compared to the Quick Charge 1.0, Qualcomm is QC 3.0 focuses on the fact how much more efficient is charging.

How to apply and longevity of the battery

Some manufacturers have enough in fast charging, and some devices use memory with support for Quick Charge 3.0 is only slightly accelerates the charge: the manufacturer took care of the durability of the battery and not speed.

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Can a charger with Quick Charge 3.0 to recommend for everyday use from the point of view of durability of the battery?

If you put the phone memory on all night, the use of standard memory with a current of 2.4 A, may extend the battery life.

With this wonderful purchase Rock I am no longer afraid to go without a phone before leaving, because such charging speeds, I have not seen. I saved a huge pile of time with this unit is fast charging.

My Redmi 5 Plus recharged immediately. In the end, I bought my friend a black block, and he was satisfied.

If your phone supports one of the technologies fast memory, we strongly recommend to try and buy a block of fast-charging Rock. Like I can buy here at this link on Aliexpress.

Can recommend wireless in-car charger Baseus Qi and the wireless memory Raugee.