The tulle on the kitchen or hall

Could not find beautiful tulle to the kitchen. Why not order it through Aliexpress? Took here on this page, the seller has been operating for over 5 years and he has a lot of positive otzyvov.

Took a parcel from China almost a month. In addition to the post, the tulle came in their own branded packaging WPKIRA.

The quality could be better, the fabric is often interwoven threads, which can inadvertently hurt and make a lead. Very flimsy it looks like with the inner side made the picture. Somewhere already and no it all (the photos show).

Despite the fact that the odor was not, at your own risk, I decided to wash and was surprised that it had not blossomed.

Those clues, which were just distributed carefully so was roughly equal to the distance between the threads.

Picture a beautiful vertical waves. Available in a choice of two colors: Golden and bronze or gold and gray and silver. I chose the first option. When unpacked, I don’t like that the background is not just white color and a little shiny, although in the photos the seller couldn’t see it.

The price depends on two factors:

  • Size;
  • Type of mount to the eaves.

Here you can choose depending on what suits you. For example, there are eyelets (rings), and a drawstring tie on the braid to hooks and crocodiles or no treatment. I took two tulle (width 100 height 180) with the processing tape. The amount left 721р. By the way, hemmed neatly and evenly.

I don’t know how long it will SAG and restriped whether the final figure, but on the Windows looks pretty cute. Shine not spoil her that I was very afraid. In General, I think that for such little money you can find better at the same Aliexpress in this section of the tulle and curtains for the kitchen or hall.

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