The tablet Gaomon M106K Professional with Aliexpress

At the end of last year bought a graphics tablet. Product is not as popular as other electronics, so the choice in most specialized markets are small, and the prices are often bite.

The basic assortment is the technique Wacom Xp-Pen and G430models from the line easier. But even someone like me, a novice user wants to have in his hands a lot more options than in the simplest and cheapest models of the popular flagship.

At a cost equal to the majority of tablets entry-level, on Aliexpress I found the tablet GAOMON M106K Professional. Here he was pleased by the presence of function keys, a complete set pozarzadowe pencil and a great set of characteristics.

The descriptions GAOMON was the favorite in comparison with the products that are on store shelves at the same price.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Features & performance
  3. Buttons, keys and the surface of the pen input
  4. Opinion
  5. Video

Where to buy

Took on Aliexpress here on this page. This is the official representative of the manufacturer Gaomon.

Order confirmed quickly, instead of the stated delivery period in the month the product came in a week. The packaging is intact, not damaged, not bent. The package is complete, the box has not been opened.

Connection and installation of drivers was easy. On the official website GAOMON are models, select a set of drivers for your operating system. Besides, in a box with a graphics tablet manufacturer put a card with a link, you can use it.

Features & performance

The kit includes: the tablet, stylus (or pen), a set of spare leads with tweezers in a padded case and two USB cables. One to connect the tablet to the computer, the other to recharge the pencil.

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Main features:

  • pressure levels – 2048,
  • display size 10.1 inch,
  • the screen resolution – 5080 lines/inch,
  • feather weight – 14 g
  • accuracy – 0.3 mm,
  • while working on battery – 1350 hours
  • fully charging the battery – 2 hours
  • sleep mode – after 10 minutes of inactivity.

To GAOMON M106K Professional no other tablet has been used to compare with, but the promised features, it is very easy and it does not tire the hand is indeed present.

Buttons, keys and the surface of the pen input

The tablet has 12 function keys for setting drawing modes (pressing force, the stiffness of the stylus and other details that still have to understand the process of using the device) 16 and the touch buttons at the top that respond to the touch of the pen.

The tablet surface black Matt, very pleasant to the touch, when pressed, no squeaks, the case is made very qualitatively. The pen slides over the work surface with ease and confidence.

Don’t know how to assess a Pro, but tactile sensations drawing on GAOMON M106K-Professional similar to drawing on a paper sheet, and just need to get used to the fact that the image does not appear there directly, where lead pencil and on the computer monitor.


The number of function keys Gaomon at first seems redundant, but once you begin to understand a little bit, you know that with their help, you can work in any graphics program without a keyboard, which, of course, only adds to the convenience.

Pen on the side of the tablet a pocket. No stand no. So for those who like to lose the handle and discover it in the most unexpected place – better to have habit to clean the stylus in the pocket, where he kept quite tight and never falls out. Perhaps for this and created!

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The only thing that initially caused difficulty tablet refused outright to work in the graphics software ArtRage, although the tablet is a competitor starts to work it without any special manipulation.

But the problem was quickly solved, it was necessary to go to Sai. In addition, to easily find and others are completely free on the official basis, «risovalka», with which the tablet gets on. But in my own opinion, GAOMON Professional and Sai were made for each other. To draw in this program is a pleasure.

The tablet lives up to expectations, draws, Amateur happy young artist. The pluses are many, minuses, given the price category, almost none.

Once again, the order is made on Aliexpress have Ofitserov here.