The tablet G430 is a great start for artists

The tablet I ordered because of the need. Since I am a artist who draws for programs on the computer.

I bought it for$ 25. The delivery took the standard for Aliexpress time — 20 days to Russia, 30 days to Omsk by regular mail.

Delivered it in one piece, no damage was detected. Packed tablet was in a box, which came equipped with full manual. I must say that in Russian it is available. I ordered here.

The contents

  1. Rods
  2. Handle
  3. Opinion
  4. Video reviews

Included is the tablet, pen, cable and ten spare terminals ( Yes, with time they wear out and need to be changed).

The quality of this product is totally worth the price. Everything works fine, no faults. Here already half a year use. Compatible with any OS and a drawing program. You can also play games, such as in today’s popular «OSU».


No need to worry about rods. Ten will be enough for a very long time. For all time use (and this is a frequent drawing and games) do not spend even a single rod. So don’t have to run to the shops and look for a spare pen.


The handle is comfortable, good in the hand. Contains buttons that the action is equal to mouse buttons. The habit may not be practical to use it, but there is a matter of practice.

The tablet is small and compact. On any table you can find the place for it. To work with it you need to install special drivers that are loaded for free.

Ordered a tablet in black color, but the seller has and white, and also there is an option to buy it with a drawing program for an additional fee. For residents of Russia there is shipping from Russia. The store has a warehouse in Moscow. Then will have to wait much less time than from China. Differences in quality will not.

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The disadvantages are: its size, but it’s a matter of taste. Many people like to work on larger tablets.

Handle sometimes scratches the surface, but this is easily remedied by buying the film. The handle takes some getting used to.


Overall, this is a very good buy on Aliexpress. Because stores tablets quality much worse sold for a great price.

I would recommend this product to beginners, those who are just trying myself in web design. If you just think suits you the tablet or not, I advise you to start with this. Later you can move on to more professional.

Once again, order here:

Video reviews

Video is not mine, I shoot like you do not know — just found on youtube: