The tablet 10MOONS 1060 PLUS

I’m an aspiring artist digital drawing and, as to any person, for the job I needed a graphics tablet. I looked through many pages on Aliexpress to find the tablet and in this article I will discuss the pros and cons of this tablet 10Moons 1060 Plus and is it worth it to buy.

About two weeks ago I received my brand new tablet. I can say that they brought it rather quickly, one might even say very quickly, within 5 days he was with me.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Specifications and my mini instructions for use
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

Where to buy

I ordered it on Ali here, at a discount of 2000 rubles, and since there are very often discounts for this product, and you think buying it will be able to save a little money.

The track number is tracked throughout the delivery through a third party site. Shipping good, the courier, at my request, brought me a package at the stated place, for which I am very grateful to him.

The box was covered in a thick bubble wrap. After opening it you could see the slightly crumpled corner of the box, but nothing critical, the performance is not affected, also included was a large felted tablet case, good quality, the feather (what you draw), 5 interchangeable cores and ring for the change of these rods .

Specifications and my mini instructions for use

First I must say that after connecting the tablet to a PC (computer) you need to install the driver and with each use to check their efficiency, as drivers sometimes take off or not working as it should, but it is solved easily just by restarting the driver itself. And now about the tablet 10Moons 1060 Plus:

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  • The number of lines per inch(lpi)– 5080.
  • Workspace (diagonal)– 10 cm
  • The pressure sensitivity of the pen — 8192 level.
  • The pen is passive (no extra power).
  • Interface speed — 233 RPS.
  • The height of the reading pen is 15 mm.
  • The number of hotkeys: 12 + 10 multimedia keys.

If you’ve never used a tablet before, then 10Moons is a wonderful option, the main thing in the beginning of his ways do not sin against the product itself, as the paint on it is not the same as on paper.


In conclusion, we can say that the graphic tablet for the price of 2,000 thousand rubles (plus, minus) — just gorgeous, better not to find, recommend. But, if you take 10Moons model 1060 Plus no discount for 4000 thousands, look for something better, as for this price you can find better tablet than this.

Again, I bought it on Aliexpress at the official representative of the brand 10Moons here on this page. I can also recommend for creative painting by numbers canvas on which you can write your masterpiece and absolutely any set of tokens for execution and debugging TouchFive.