The sound card Tascam 144 — review and user experience

Decided to upgrade the hardware of your computer. Long chose the sound card and on the advice of a friend stopped at this, especially because it was taken immediately, so the seller can be trusted.

The contents

  1. About the order in Aliexpress
  2. Features of the model MK 2 and MK ii
  3. Completing and review
  4. US-100 US-200
  5. Video

About the order in Aliexpress

I promptly replied to the application and consulted on the characteristics and ways of payment and delivery. Goods delivered within five weeks of the regular mail.

I took for 160$ this winter on Aliexpress here. If the seller is out of stock this product, simply by searching on Aliexpress, type in «Tascan», there at once with sound cards and microphones from this manufacturer will be given.

A reliable package, we can say that armor. Itself the sound card it took me to the Studio recording, but rather for switching the microphone on the computer.

Here are a few areas of its use:

  • For musicians (well, everything is initially clear) ;
  • For the leading channels on YouTube that give voice to commercials, movies,. games, goods, etc.;
  • Authors video courses, audio courses and trainings are also needed. Your voice should sound appropriately!
  • Creators of audio books;
  • For small TV and radio channels. While, however, a large and quality enough, it is «on top».
  • Do you know any other applications? Write in the comments.

Features of the model MK 2 and MK ii

Management 144. Click to enlarge.

A distinctive feature of this map is the presence of phantom power and two outputs of type «Xlr». Also, this model is considered to be improved because of the additional knobs adjust the volume.

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In terms of sound quality, sound card is ideal for both home and professional Studio recording. To the tascam 144, you can connect headphones, a microphone, a guitar, external cost of audio effects.

The sampling frequency of the sound wave card supports the frequency to 48000 Hz. Wrote the guitar and two bards. Was surprised by the purity and clarity of sound, the power setting of the map allow you to adjust the accuracy of the perception of the map the sound from the microphone.


You can also be connected in parallel and a microphone, and a guitar. Especially pleased with the opportunity to let the sound from PC to speakers and headphones simultaneously with different volume.

Completing and review

Product very happy, immediately felt the improvement in sound quality, both in writing and in the wire. Very convenient handles power management of external devices. One of the more beautiful design, strict stripes, color and high-quality coverage.

Included is usb wire to connect to the computer and the driver disk. Install and configure the device pleased with simplicity. By the way, all software updates can be downloaded from the site for all devices, including ios.

The map is very easy to carry, it is compatible with all devices with usb input. Convenient to use at concerts. Overall, very happy with the purchase, the seller is reliable and communicative, the price is reasonable, the map is worth the money. Firm and the seller is reliable, will turn.


US-100 US-200

There is a cheaper model US 100 and US 200 more expensive. The cost is approximately the same as the model name, is to take the price in dollars. So, first, fast and simple is 90-110$, the second 190-210$. Honestly, right now I would take a second, and the US-100 wouldn’t pay attention at all.

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View sound card today and the price on Aliexpress >>


Unfortunately, Russian video I found, but this one was considered the best of the found you can look at the map from different sides, etc.: