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  • Buying on Aliexpress

    Bought the unit for $59 here. Smartphone seller sent immediately, after 4 days of mail in the Netherlands. The way from China to Samara through the Netherlands took the time 14 days, not so much.


    Standard factory equipment includes a battery, the contacts of which are covered with tape, the charger is able to charge the device for 2 hours, a short USB cable for charging and syncing, manual good English and 2 protective films for display, one of which is neckline on the display.


    The body is made of plastic. I ordered and received smartphone black. Side around the perimeter of the device the plastic insert in silver color.

    At the top of the unit there are connectors for connection of USB cable and earphone. On the right side on top of the volume rocker, just below the power key of the device. The case is made soundly, no backlash, squeaks. The back cover of the smartphone is closed tight, tight as a drum. On the back cover from the bottom a plurality of holes across the entire width of the cover. The speaker is only one.


    The display did not disappoint. The display is made by technology IPS. The viewing angle is almost 180 degrees. At a diagonal of 4.5 inches resolution of the display is not enough — 480 x 854, but the pixels can be seen only under the condition that this is the goal and the distance is small.

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    The touch screen only reacts on touch 2, responsive. The display brightness can be set only in menu, auto brightness, no, no ambient light sensor.

    Overall, the screen is very simple and cheap, but solidly made and problems to use was not found.

    Operating system and filling

    Powered smartphone running Android version 5.1. The device is equipped with a 4 core 32 bit processor. The amount of RAM is 1 GB, constant memory is 8 GB, and the operating memory is what is available 7.5 GB. This is not true.

    When connected to computer it turns out that is available only 4.5 GB of that is true. The memory can be increased by inserting a memory card connector is located under the back cover.

    The processor in the idle process «goes to sleep», which saves battery power. Copes with multitasking.

    The smartphone has two adjacent slots for SIM cards. More familiar miniSIM is the first, the second card microSIM.


    The communication quality of censures does not cause, and hear me fine. Bluetooth version 4, WI-FI work just perfectly, connection is fast and reliable.

    The proximity sensor is made mysterious. Not infrared exactly. In order to talk turned off, the screen went out, it is necessary to cover part of the screen on top of any object: paper, plastic. Mysterious, but it works.

    GPS tried, used rarely. Works no problem finding at least 3 satellites in the city among the houses. But does not work with all programs correctly. In town for a football field famously finds 6 — 8 satellites.

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    Speaker one is located under the back cover at the bottom. The sound plays back loud and clear, but audiophiles slightly criticized.

    Two cameras, 5 MP rear and 2 MP — front. Both cameras equipped with led flashes. The front is very disappointing. The quality is no better camera of 0.3 MP. Use only for video with good lighting.

    The outbreak that has, let’s say, nominal. The light is dim, I don’t know. The rear camera did a good job, but with enough light and shooting from a short distance. The flash is certainly better, more powerful, than the front camera, but is only effective at a distance of not more than 0.5 metres. Autofocus stated, but it is not. Photos can be linked to GPS coordinates.

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    Battery capacity does not match the container specified in the sale. Indicated capacity 1850 mAh, the actual capacity of the battery only 1370 mAh. When charging is not heated, when intense stress is not significantly heated. The charge lasts no more than 2 hours watching videos from the Internet when connected to WI-FI.


    • The price, especially if you take double cashback;
    • The quality of the housing;
    • Two SIM cards of different size;
    • The screen is quite good, though the small resolution;
    • In the film, such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS work flawlessly. Easy to use with a fitness tracker from Xiaomi.


    • One speaker;
    • A very small battery capacity;
    • Front facing camera and flash;
    • Built-in memory. However, it is easy to expand memory card.

    Conclusion: it is worth to buy!

    Overall, a good unit for the money, better smartphones full, but they will be much more expensive and in this price range he is hardly equal. Toys pulls, thanks to a decent processor, movies, shows, music, photos and makes the GPS point of their cables. What else do you need?

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    Where to buy

    In conventional stores such hardly can find only at the markets or for ads. But it is better and cheaper to buy on Aliexpress verified sellers here:

    See the description of a smartphone and the price on Aliexpress >>